Using Improved NoticeBoard


This page is a 5-minute guide to everything you need to know when using Improved NoticeBoard as a Recipient of communications.

Notification Banner = Newsfeed + Inbox + To-Do List


Improved NoticeBoard: Notification Banner


Your Notification Banner usually* looks something like one of the above images (and may be deployed in a variety of locations, like the side bar, on your page layouts, Lightning pages or in the Console).


(*’Usually’ means that your Banner might look different if your organisation has implemented a custom banner or changed the entire look & feel)


Any Notifications requiring attention scroll across the Notification Banner, from right-to left, rather like a TV news channel’s ‘Breaking News’ ticker. The banner is interactive and responds to:


  • Mouse-hovers: In a scrolling banner you may move your mouse towards the right of the banner to fast-forward through Notification summaries with increasing speed – or ‘rewind’ by hovering towards the left. Pause a Notification summary to read it, by hovering over it whilst in the middle of the banner;
  • Mouse-click: Anywhere in a Notification summary will open the full Notification record.
  • Mouse-click: If you have implemented the packaged side-bar banner then click ‘Previous‘ or ‘Next‘ to navigate through your Notifications


Notification Banner Title


  • Notifications: a configurable link that when clicked opens a list view of pending Notifications. This is like an email ‘inbox listing’ view and useful if you have more than a few Notifications to catch up with;
  • ’4′ – Pending Notifications counter: Shows how many Notifications are currently awaiting attention (and scrolling round the banner). This means they are new or still need some kind of Required Action before they will be purged from the banner display.


Scroller area & Notification Summaries


The Notifications scrolling around the Notification Banner show key information to help prioritise which to respond to and when:


  • Who?: sent the Notification – the team, role or individual Signatory – prefixed with ‘From: ” like an email.
  • What?: a headline for the Notification – or possibly the entire Notification, if it’s an alert, such as a warning of a local fire alarm test from the facilities team;
  • How do I react?: the Required Action by me as a Recipient – to ‘Open and Read’, ‘Read and Acknowledge’ or perhaps a Notice-specific message, as shown here
  • …by When?: the deadline date and time by which the Required Action needs to be completed.


What if “You have no new or outstanding Notifications requiring attention”?


This is a good sign – the idea of the banner is to draw attention to important (and often urgent) Notices requiring some kind of response.


Once Notifications have been actioned appropriately (or if the parent Notice is suspended from publication), they disappear from the Banner. They may still available from the Notification list view even if the parent Notice is suspended – This can be configured to filter out all suspended Notices if you prefer, by changing your list views – no one wants obsolete information hanging around.


So, if there are no Notifications scrolling in the Banner, you’re up to date!



Notification Record = Message + My Required Action

Improved NoticeBoard: Example Notification record



Opening a Notification record from the Notification Banner reveals a record much like the example above, with clear sections:


  • Title banner: shows the Notification Title and the NoticeBoard theme image – to help recognise publishing teams at a glance;
  • Urgency Banner: Graphical and text urgency indicators to help with prioritising the response to any Required Actions;
  • Required Action Panel: with appropriate Acknowledgement instructions and buttons;
  • Content Panel: provides more detail under the Notice’s headline title as needed;
  • Compliance Panel: and time/date stamps when the Recipient first Displayed, Opened and optionally, Acknowledged the Notification.
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