Setup: Scheduled Suspension

How to configure Salesforce time-based workflow for scheduled Notice suspension from publication.

This note skips some detailed steps, assuming that the reader will have workflow configuration experience – or will have already Setup: Scheduled Publication.

Create New Workflow

Go into the Setup menu and search for Workflow Rules. Salesforce System Administration rights are needed to configure Workflows.

Click on ‘New Rule‘ button…


1. Select Object

Improved NoticeBoard: Scheduled Suspension workflow - New Workflow Rule Object

Select object = Notice and click Next button…

2. Configure Workflow Rule

Improved NoticeBoard: Scheduled suspension Workflow - Configure Workflow Rule

  1. Rule Name: Auto-Suspend Notice or a memorable name;
  2. Description: Something clear for others to understand and follow in the future;
  3. Evaluation Criteria: Same option as for Auto-Publish
  4. Rule Criteria: Same rule option as Auto-Publish
  5. Select Notice: Notice Status equals Published, so that only Published Notices can be suspended (to prevent voiding Notices not yet Published);
  6. Select Notice: Suspension Options equals Scheduled, so that Notices set for manual suspension do not get Auto-Suspended by accident;
  7. Click Save and Next button

3. Add Workflow Action – Time TriggerImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled suspension Workflow - Add Time Trigger

Click Add Time Trigger button

4. Configure Time TriggerImproved NoticeBoard: Schedules suspension Workflow - Configure Time Trigger

  • Set zero Hours after Notice: Auto-Suspend Date to set an immediate time trigger
  • Click Save button.

5. Add Time-Dependent Workflow ActionImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled suspension Workflow - Add Workflow Action

Click Select Existing Action link.

6. Select Existing ActionsImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled suspension Workflow - Select Existing Actions

  1. Select Field Update in Search picklist
  2. Add Field Update: SetSuspendedDate
  3. Click Save.

7. Review and Activate Workflow

  • Review the completed Auto-Suspend Workflow and click Done button;
  • Activate the Workflow Rule
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