Setup: Scheduled Publication

How to configure Salesforce time-based workflow for scheduled, automated Notice publication. See also how to setup scheduled suspension for published Notices.

1. Create a New Workflow Rule

Go into the Setup menu and search for ‘Workflow Rules’. Salesforce System Administration rights are needed to configure Workflows.


Click. ‘New Rule’ Button…

Select ObjectImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication workflow - New Workflow Rule Object

  • Select object: Notice;
  • Click Next button.


Configure workflow RuleImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication workflow - Configure Workflow Rule

  1. Rule Name: Auto-Publish Notice (or another memorable name);
  2. Description: Provide sufficient detail to advise any system administrator of the purpose of this rule;
  3. Evaluation Criteria: When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria;
  4. Rule Criteria: Select the Run this rule if the following… criteria are met option;
  5. Select Notice: Publication Option: equals Scheduled, so that any (to be) manually published Notices are filtered out;
  6. Select Notice: Approval Required?: equals False, so that Notices without Approval Required can be auto-published with no further checks;
  7. Select Notice: Approval Required?: equals true, to set a criteria filter when formal Notice Approval is required;
  8. Select Notice: Approval Status: equals true as the condition required for auto-publication if Notice Approval is required;
  9. Add Filter Logic: to group conditions for Scheduled publication (criteria 1) together with (AND) either Approval not required (2) OR Approval Required (3 AND 4).
  10. Click ‘Save & Next‘ button


Specify Workflow ActionsImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication Workflow - Add Time Trigger

Click Add Time Trigger button.

Add New Time TriggerImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication Workflow - Configure Time Trigger

  • Set zero Hours after  Notice: Auto-Publish Date to set an immediate time trigger
  • Click Save button


Add Time-Dependent Workflow Action


In Time-Dependent Workflow Actions section, click Select Existing Action button.


Select Existing Action: Field Update

Improved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication Workflow - Select Action Field Update

  1. Select Field Update: in Search picklist
  2. Add Field Update: SetPublishedDate
  3. Click Save.


2. Review complete Auto-Publish WorkflowImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication workflow - review complete workflow

Review the completed workflow and click Done button to close the wizard.


3. Activate Workflow RuleImproved NoticeBoard: Scheduled publication workflow - Activate

Click the Activate button.

4. Optional: Check Workflow & Approvals Settings

If you are using Notice approvals then you need to check and set in salesforce setup the Workflow & Approval Settings as shown below…

Improved NoticeBoard: Workflow & Approvals Settings

Configure Workflow & Approval Settings (if not used before Improved NoticeBoard):

  1. Default Workflow User: Set to someone with appropriate permissions;
  2. Enable Email Approval Response: useful to enable approvals from users whilst away from a Salesforce session;
  3. Click Save.


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