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Deliver Notifications into Salesforce Console

Salesforce Console customers can easily add the Improved NoticeBoard Notification Banner to the Salesforce Console, using a Custom Console Component. Whilst our standard Notification Banner can be used, this guide enables a Console-specific banner, providing a greatly enhanced user experience, with:


  • Conditional visibility: The banner ‘pops-up’ only when new or pending Notifications require attention;
  • Snooze: If Notifications arrive at an inconvenient moment, users can temporarily close the Notifications component;
  • Auto-refresh: A mechanism to check for new Notifications and refresh the banner after ‘snoozing’.


This step-by-step guide identifies all the ‘point & click’ actions (and contains all necessary resources) for a Salesforce System Administrator to create a customised Notifications Banner in just a few minutes, with no need for any development knowledge.


1. Create a Custom Console Component

Add the packaged Notification Banner page to your Service Console. This involves the creation of a new Custom Console Component ‘shell’ and assigning it to your custom Notification Banner page:

  • Enter Salesforce Setup Mode: In Salesforce go into Setup mode from your User menu…
  • Navigate to Custom Console Components: Setup → App Setup → Customize → Service Cloud Console → Custom Console Components…
  • Create new Custom Component: with your choice of memorable Name and Button Name…
  • Assign the Notification Banner Page: Notification Banner (Classic)…
  • Set Component Size: suggested width = 1200 pixels, height = 80 pixels. (Optional: Depending on your Console Users’ monitor size and screen resolution, you may want to refine dimensions to suit)…
  • Save your new Custom Console Component!

Your custom Notification Banner component is now ready to add to your Service Cloud Console App!


2. Add Custom Component to Console AppImproved NoticeBoard: Salesforce Console Banner - add custom console component

You now just need to add your new Custom Console Component to your custom Service Cloud Console App:

  1. Enter Salesforce Setup Mode: In Salesforce go into Setup mode from your User menu…
  2. Navigate to Salesforce Console App: Setup → App Setup → Create → Apps
  3. Select a Salesforce Console App you want to enable and click Edit…
  4. Scroll to Choose Custom Console Components section: Select your Improved NoticeBoard custom component and click Add;
  5. Choose the Align Custom Components to suit your set of Custom Components;
  6. Save your Custom Service Cloud Console App.

Repeat steps 2-6 for any other custom Salesforce Console Apps you wish to enable with your Improved NoticeBoard custom component.


3. Review the NoticeBoard Setup Options


Banner Snoozed Styles: Choose your desired colours for each stage: e.g: green,#ff9900,red,navy

Banner Snoozed Icons: Choose optional icons: e.g: /img/msg_icons/confirm16.png,/img/msg_icons/warning16.png,/img/msg_icons/error16.png,/img/msg_icons/info16.png

Banner Refresh Interval: 300

Banner Pop Multiplier: 4


4. Test Salesforce Console Notifications

That’s it! Your new Custom Service Console Component should now be active, displaying the Improved NoticeBoard Notification Banner when you have new or pending Notifications – the result should look similar to the screenshot below…

Improved NoticeBoard: Salesforce Console Banner - custom component open

Now it’s time to draft a Notice to inform your Service Cloud Console users about their new Notification Banner!

If you want to adjust your Service Cloud Console’s new Notification Banner, see the links for Banner Option and Component Option links in Steps 1 and 2.

If you get stuck, please contact us – we’re here to help you succeed!

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