Setup: NoticeBoard Quick-Start

1. Install Improved NoticeBoard

Install the latest GA release of Improved NoticeBoard into your Salesforce org using the appropriate link for your situation:

You may install Noticeboard into any org. We recommend the following installation security options by deployment:

  1. Production (inc. Trials): Controlled roll-out, install with Sys Admin privileges only.
  2. Sandbox Testing: As close to the production org setup as possible, install as you like.
  3. Concept Demonstration (in Sandbox or Development Org), install as you like.

Please contact us if you’re unsure of the setting to choose for your situation.

2. Set User Permissions

User Permissions define who can do what within the Improved NoticeBoard application and three standard Permission Sets are included:

  • Recipients: can receive personal Notifications related to specific Notices – and have a Notification banner to access the application;
  • Notice Owners: can manage specific Notices and monitor selected Recipients’ interactions with their Notifications;
  • NoticeBoard Owners: can manage a publishing team’s NoticeBoard and control policy and process for associated Notices.

Important Note: 'Notice Owners' will also require the salesforce 'Manage users permission' granted to their profiles. This can be an additional permission set just for Notice publishers or add it to their profile. It allows Notice Publishers to choose the users to add to any Notice.

Permissions can be set through either:

  • Permission Sets: best when managing individuals – so useful for Notice Authors and NoticeBoard Managers.
  • Profiles: best when managing larger groups – especially for Recipients.

If using Profiles to manage Recipient permissions, simply add:

  • Object and Field Permissions: Read/Edit permissions on the Notifications object;
  • Visual Force Page Access: access to ianb.nb_banner & ianb.RecipientView pages.

3. Define Sharing Rules

Sharing rules allow you to define which individuals can publish to which Notice Boards. The recipe for configuring Data Sharing Rules for NoticeBoard – to balance the needs for collaboration and privacy – is very simple. Please click here to learn more. (Note: You may wish to create a simple sharing rule to cover all Notice Boards and any new ones that may be created in the future).

4. Add NoticeBoard Components to User Experiences / Page Layouts

There are many ways to add the NoticeBoard Banner to your Salesforce pages. To get going quickly, we recommend adding the packaged sidebar (Narrow) component:

  1. Add the “NoticeBoard (Narrow)” Home Page Component to the appropriate Users’ Home Page Layouts.
  2. Check that User Interface: Sidebar settings to Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages is set.

For details of all of the many supported ways to add NoticeBoard to your pages, please see our NoticeBoard Implementation Options page.

5. Allocate Named-User Licences (unless you have a 'Site-License')

Improved NoticeBoard: Manage named user licenses

Improved NoticeBoard is installed with Named User licensing for Free and Standard Editions and any trials – Org-wide licensing is an option for Custom edition. (Please contact us to discuss the production licensing options for your situation.) When deploying to a production Org, licences need to be allocated to each Recipient User, using the Manage Licences feature found within the Salesforce Org Setup: AppSetup: Deploy: Installed Packages.

6. Create a Test NoticeBoard

NoticeBoard with Post-Its

Every Notice is published onto a specific NoticeBoard, owned by a publishing team (or individual) and which are best when themed with a logo.

We recommend starting with a ‘Training’ or ‘Salesforce Updates’ NoticeBoard – against which Notices can be created to introduce the Notification Banner and Notification records that Recipient Users will see.

7. Create and Publish a Test Notice

A simple alert Notice needs only a parent NoticeBoard, Signatory, Title and one or more Selected Recipient before it can be Published. More detailed Notices can add Summary and/or Detail content beneath the title headline and Notice management options can be added as confidence grows.

We recommend starting with a simple alert Notice to make Recipients aware of their new Notification Banner and how they can interact with it – the Notice’s Detail field can include links to our Working with Notifications guide and/or the interactive Recipients and Notifications page.

We also recommend that Notice Authors add themselves as selected Recipients for their Notices, to:

  1. Confirm publication (especially when testing Setup: Scheduled Publication);
  2. View Notices through the eyes of a Recipient. (It can be good practice to test Notice content by sending one to just yourself and once you are happy with it from a Recipient’s perspective, clone the Notice and send it to its intended audience of selected Recipients.)

8. Review the NoticeBoard Setup Tab

You may easily change various aspects of how Improved NoticeBoard can look and feel as well as run, options like

  • Change the Banner title (default is 'Notifications')
  • Change the Banner Colour
  • Change the default font
  • Specify which list views Users are taken too when they click in the banner title area
  • Specify Urgency thresholds (Very useful for Notices requiring Acknowledgement by a specified Date/Time)

A Quick Check List for this Quick Start Guide

Quick review...even if you are a System Administrator, have you...

  • Installed Improved NoticeBoard successfully (Step 1)
  • Assigned the Permission Sets (Step 2)
  • Sorted the Sharing Rules to meet your needs (Step 3)
  • Added the Side-Bar narrow Banner (Step 4)
  • Assigned the License(s) to your Users (Step 5)
  • Created your first NoticeBoard and tried to create & publish your first Notice  (Steps 6 & 7)
  • Reviewed the NoticeBoard Setup tab (Step 8)

That’s it - Done!

Your Salesforce Organisation has now been configured to for Improved NoticeBoard!  You may wish to review the 'NoticeBoard Setup' from time to time!

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