Setup: Embedded Notification Banner

The Improved NoticeBoard Notification Banner can be embedded into any Visualforce page with ease and can also be embedded into ‘Classic’ Salesforce page layouts within minutes:

Visualforce pages

The recipe for embedding a Notification Banner into a Visualforce page requires just one line of markup – simply add an iframe containing the banner page as its source:

For our “stock ticker” style (wide) banner:

For our “watch” style (narrow) banner:

That’s it!

Standard pages

The recipe for embedding a Notification Banner into a standard page is almost as simple:

  • Create an object-specific page containing one of our banners, so it can be included on a page section;
  • Add the container page to the desired page layout.

Create an object-specific Container page

Create a new Visualforce page to act as the container for the banner.

Note that:

  • The ‘standard controller’ specified for the page must match the the object represented on the target Salesforce object: in the example below, we’ve used the Opportunity object.
  • The source of the iframe needs to point to your desired banner:
    • Replace “[desired banner page]” in the example code with the name of the relevant banner page.
    • Replace “[appropriate height]” with a suitable value: for the wide banner, we suggest 27 pixels, for the narrow banner, 145.

Add the container page to the desired Page Layout(s)

Edit the target Page Layout (Opportunities in the case of our example) and add the container Visualforce page to the layout – into any one or two-column section. If you want to ensure that the banner stays visible, consider adding it to the top of the record’s Detail section, as shown below with our wide banner…

Improved NoticeBoard Notification Banner embedded in Opportunity Detail page section


Don’t forget to ensure that the desired users have permissions on the newly created page (the banner container).

That’s it – Done!

Additional options

Our Banners allow organisations to control their behaviour when embedded as described above by adding parameters to the URL of the selected page, as follows:

  • To open Notifications in a new browser tab, add: TargetNewTab=true
  • To hide the Salesforce header and  sidebar on Notifications when they are opened (useful for Communities), add: HideHeader=true
  • To filter the Notifications displayed in a Banner to those published on a particular NoticeBoard, add: NBID=[ID], where [ID] is the Id of the Salesforce record representing the desired NoticeBoard.

For example, the following page can be embedded into an Accounts layout and will open Notifications in a new tab, without the Salesforce header:

Note that:

  • All parameters are entered within the quotation marks enclosing the IFRAME’s “src” parameter, but after the {!code block} that defines the name of the banner page.
  • The first parameter is always separated from the page name by a “?”.
  • Any subsequent parameters are separated from each other by a “&”.
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