Recipients and Notifications

Notification Banner = Newsfeed + Inbox + To-Do List

Improved NoticeBoard: 'Classic' Notification BannerIf I’m an Improved NoticeBoard ‘Recipient’ user, I have a Notification Banner added to my Salesforce pages, which acts as my:

  • Newsfeed & Inbox: what critical communications have been published that affect me – Notifications that I need to open or act upon;
  • To-do list: Notifications that I may have seen in the banner but are still waiting on some required action by me to resolve (and so, hide from the banner).

The above image shows our ‘classic’ Notification Banner, which supports classic Salesforce pages and takes the form of a scrolling newsfeed ‘ticker’ sited above my regular app menu tabs.  A range of Notification Banners are available – for Salesforce standard pages, Salesforce Console apps, Salesforce Portal apps, custom Visual Force pages – Contact us to discuss your specific situation. I can interact with the banner to:

  • Navigate: through Notification summaries with a mouse-hover – fast-forwarding towards the right or rewinding towards the left;
  • Read: key information in the Notification – who sent it, what it’s about and what action needs to be done – by when;
  • Click: a Banner entry to open the Notification record…

Notification Record = Message + Task Management

Improved NoticeBoard: Example Notification record The Notification record is intuitive, with clear:

  • Notification Title: The Notification’s name, along with the publishing team NoticeBoard‘s theme logo;
  • Urgency Banner: with visual and text-based urgency indicators – so I can prioritise when I fulfil any action required by me;
  • Acknowledgement Panel: If I need to acknowledge this Notification, this panel states what I’m confirming and provides one or more Acknowledgement buttons;
  • Signatory & Published Date: What team or individual sent this Notification and when;
  • Summary & Detail: Additional message content extending the Notification Title as needed, including any rich-text content;
  • Notification Status: Shows when I first Displayed, Opened and optionally, Acknowledged this Notification – for reporting purposes.

Notification Status = Lifecycle / Progress Milestones

As a Recipient, I only see and interact with my personal Notifications. However, if I’m also a publisher, Notifications live in a broader context…

NoticeBoards: Manage publishing policy & sets of Notices

Notices: Manage messages & any Required Actions for target audiences of selected Recipients

Notifications: Track Recipients’ interactions & Acknowledgements

All Notifications go through the following standard lifecycle, reflected in Notification Status and summarised in the parent Notice’s statistics:

  1. Draft: a Notice has been addressed to its target audience of Selected Recipients. (If the Notice is deleted before publication, so are these draft Notifications.) ;
  2. Issued: When a Notice is Published, it’s set of Notifications are Issued  – ‘released into the wild’ and ready to be…;
  3. Displayed: in each selected Recipient’s Notification banner – the next time they open any Salesforce page enabled with the banner;
  4. Opened: as each Recipient opens their personal Notification – from the banner, Notification list view or elsewhere;
  5. Acknowledged: If necessary, as each Recipient Acknowledges their personal Notification.

(Please note: The Milestones are numbered to ease sorting in views and reports)

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