Publishing Team NoticeBoards

NoticeBoards: Manage publishing policy & sets of Notices

Notices: Manage messages & any Required Actions for target audiences of selected Recipients

Notifications: Track Recipients’ interactions & Acknowledgements

NoticeBoards allow publishing teams (or individuals) to manage sets of Notices that relate to specific process areas, functions, etc.

NoticeBoards Manage Notice Policy

Multiple NoticeBoards can be created. Each has a NoticeBoard Owner, who sets Notice management policies and can publish Notices under the NoticeBoard. Additional Notice authors can be added to publishing teams using standard Salesforce sharing rules. Each publishing team NoticeBoard can have a theme logo, to ease recognition for Recipients.Improved NoticeBoard: Publishing team NoticeBoards

Example NoticeBoards & Use Cases

There are no restrictions to the number of NoticeBoards – so, for example, a single ‘global’ Partner Management NoticeBoard could be used alongside specific NoticeBoards for specific regions, Partner classifications or product lines. Here are just some example use cases for NoticeBoards and Notices that we’ve seen – illustrating how Improved NoticeBoard is being deployed to address communications challenges for management and support functions.

Scroll the table – or search by keywords – to see if you recognise any scenarios…and please let us know of any we may have missed!

AreaNoticeBoardUse Cases
Sales ManagementGeneral CommunicationsSharing Targets / Quotas; Major Orders / BIG Deals; New Customers; Compensation Plans; Customer Success Stories; Sales Achievements for a period; Pipeline Info; Competitive Insights; Account Planning; Customer Support and Issues; Prospecting Activity; Deal Support
Sales OperationsProcess / ProcedureProcedural Change Alerts / Reminders and Month-end Reminders
Sales OperationsChange ManagementWhat's New/Changed or Coming Soon
Sales OperationsGeneral CommunicationsCustomer Success Stories; Process Improvements; Key Performance Indicator changes; Sales Methodology Improvements; Sales References; Pricing Announcements
Sales OperationsNew hire on-boardingShare selling Best Practices; Alumni Noticeboards; Drive Performance Benchmarking; Connecting resources with New Hires; Fast Ramp-up; Drip Feed - 'What to do next' advice; On-boarding Phases - Automated Phased Announcements
General UpdatesAny Department / NoticeBoardNotifying users that critical information has changed on your Departments Intranet site, or reminding users on Policy, Governance information that exists else where
Projects & ProgrammesStrategic initiativesStrategic Initiatives; New Project Announcements; Milestone Updates; Project Completions; Success Stories and Lessons Learned
Senior ManagementGeneral CommunicationsBreaking News; Mergers & Acquisitions; State of the Nation; Policy Changes; Organisational Changes; All Hands Call Announcements; Competition News / Announcements or Formal Environmental Policy Announcements
Facilities ManagementGeneral CommunicationsFire Alarm Tests; VIPs or Visitors on site; Facilities Announcements; Security announcements; Emergency Building Evacuation Drills; Company Results; Financial / Reporting Cycle News; Open / Closed Trading windows; Lines of Authority changes and Travel & Expenses Information
Compliance / Risk ManagementRegulatory / Compliance UpdatesRegulatory Change Updates
Compliance / Risk ManagementInternal Audit AnnouncementsAudit Schedule Announcements & Reminders
Legal / Commercial SupportLegal announcementsNew Terms and Conditions - Announcements and Confirmation of Understanding
TrainingNew starter on-boardingGetting Started Guides and New/Changed Training Videos links
TrainingGeneral CommunicationsTraining course availability; Release Management; Hints; Tips and Tricks; Workshop announcements / Changes to Workshops; "How To" Scripts; Compliance guidelines; Improve Productivity / Control Distribution; Drive Standards and Celebrate Success
HR / People ManagementGeneral CommunicationsInternal Vacancies; Employee Benefits updates; Staff Events; Certification / Accreditation; Career Progression; Travel & Expenses and general Breaking Travel News
IT ManagementSystem ChangesRelease Management; Governance; Policies; IT Equipment announcements; Personal Vs Business Use reminders
IT ManagementSecurity AnnouncementsGeneral Hints and Tips to avoid Security Breaches (e.g warn about phishing attacks; virus's etc)
Product MarketingGeneral CommunicationsPricing Updates; Promotions / Special Offers; Sales / Service pack Availability
MarketingGeneral CommunicationsCustomer Success Stories; Branding Updates; Event Announcements and General Updates
Customer ServiceGeneral CommunicationsMajor Customer Outage(s); Major Incidents or Problems; Product Related Issues; Complaints Management; Service Announcements; Case or Incident Deflection
Partner (Portal) ManagementPartner On-boardingWelcome packs; Terms and conditions; Getting started guides; Training videos; Phased announcement / Drip-feed of 'What to do next?' advice
Partner (Portal) ManagementPartner Event ManagementSponsorship Opportunities; Forthcoming Events
Partner (Portal) ManagementProduct UpdatesRoadmap & Pricing
Partner (Portal) ManagementService AvailabilityStatus Updates; Planned/Un-Planned Outages
Partner (Portal) ManagementTraining & CertificationAccreditations; Training partner users to Increase Adoption; Sharing Libraries of Tools and Updates
Partner (Portal) ManagementCelebrate SuccessSharing Good news Stories; Reference Clients and Company Results
Partner (Portal) ManagementChannel ManagementNewsletters; MDF Announcements / Offers; Commercial / Legal Changes; Breaking News; R&D Announcements; New Product Development; Ops Process Changes; Governance; Partner Hints Tips and Tricks; Lead Qualification Process and Lead Distribution Governance; Partner Loyalty Program Announcements and Event Announcements and Updates
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