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Are you Using Notice Approvals in Your Org?

NOTE: Notice Approval an optional Improved NoticeBoard feature, using standard Salesforce Approval Processes, which need to be configured by your Salesforce Administrator.

See Setup: Notice Approval for more details of the basic Notice approval process described below…

Is Approval Required for this Notice?

Three fields on (the Notice Definition tab) control Notice Approval:

Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Required

  1. NoticeBoard: Sets the NoticeBoard, with associated policies, that controls this Notice and sets the NoticeBoard owner as default Notice Approver for all new related Notices (see bullet 3 below).
  2. Approval Required: Sets whether this Notice requires formal Approval before it can be published*. This defaults to true for new Notices and Improved NoticeBoard ships with history tracking set on this field, to trap the Notice Editor’s decision to clear the default Approval Required setting.
  3. Notice Approver: Sets the Salesforce User who will be asked to approve this notice (though the actual Notice Approver may differ, based on your local Salesforce approval process configuration). As explained above (in bullet 1), the default Notice approver is the controlling NoticeBoard’s Owner. An alternative Notice Approver can be selected – but this can’t be the current Editor (as self-approval is the same as no approval!).


Preparing for Notice Approval Submission

If Notice Approval Required? is set to true, a Notice must reach a Drafted Notice status before it can be submitted for approval, which means that both:

  • Basic Notice Definition fields are in place and
  • A target audience of Selected Recipients has been identified (and the record saved).

Once these conditions are met, the Notice can be Submitted for Approval, using the Submit for Approval button that becomes visible on Notice Definition, Selected Recipients and Notice Approval tab, which is also now enabled.


(Requestor) Submits Notice Approval Request

Improved NoticeBoard uses standard Salesforce Approval Processes for Notice Approvals, with the standard Approval Process related list embedded into our Notice Management Page layout…

The Notice Approval Tab: Approval Not Started

Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Tab

Click the Submit for Approval button (on any of the first three tabs)

Confirm Submission

Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Submission Confirmation

Approval Process Status

Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Milestones

In this example, the Notice was:

  1. Rejected: because it lacked any Summary, which was added in the Notice Definition tab and then the Notice was…
  2. Submitted for Approval: again and is now…;
  3. Pending review: from the Notice Approver.


(Approver) Reviews Notice

The Notice Approver Notice Approval tab now contains a related list of the approval process history for the Notice.

Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval - Review Notice

  1. Approval Request Submitted: shows who submitted the Notice for approval and when;
  2. Step: Initial Review: shows the approval management options available (when logged-in as the Notice Approver);
  3. Click the Approve / Reject Link to open the Approval Request record.

(Approver) Rejects Notice Approval Request

…in this example for a missing fieldImproved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Request - Reject

  1. Review the Notice Approval Request – and in this example see the missing Summary, so add some comments and…
  2. Click the Reject button.


(Approver) Approves the NoticeImproved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Request - Approve

Click the Approve / Reject link
Improved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval Request - Comments

  1. Make any edits required
  2. Add any Approval Comments
  3. Click the Approve button

That’s it – Notice Approved!


(Requestor) Notice Approval ReceivedImproved NoticeBoard: Notice Approval - Approved for Publication

When the Notice approval request is approved, (if your NoticeBoard Administrator chose to Configure a Basic Notice Approval process using our example process)…

The Notice’s Approval Status would be updated and the Notice is approved for publication…

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