Improved NoticeBoard Release Notes

1.1711-Jun-18BannerFeatureAdded two native Lightning Notification Banner components. Both provide a wide range of presentational flexibility, including SLDS-compliant Notice custom styling, whilst respecting all "classic" compliance functionality.
1.1711-Jun-18Response OptionsFeatureAdded a new Notification Required Action: "Click to Dismiss". This allows for Notifications that disappear from Banners as soon as they are clicked, without the need to visit an external URL or open a separate Notification window.
1.1711-Jun-18Process Builder APIFeatureEnhanced our NoticeBoard Process Builder API to allow automated Notifications to be generated in "List" mode, allowing for large numbers of recipients, defined by Role or other group membership rather than by name.
1.1711-Jun-18Notice DefinitionBug-fixCured a bug that was preventing Notices from publishing correctly in cases where inactive Users were among the selected Recipients.
1.1711-Jun-18BannerBug-fixEnhanced the layout of the Narrow Visualforce Banner to avoid text-wrapping issues that could arise in certain circumstances.
1.1711-Jun-18Notice DefinitionFeatureAdded an option to allow Notices to be issued without personalisation (e.g., Recipient names) in the body of the Notification.
1.1604-Sep-17Response OptionsFeatureAdded a new Notice Response Option - "Visit URL": Notices of this type lead directly to a web address of the Notice Author's choosing, making for a streamlined journey to important information whilst allowing responses (i.e., visits to the desired address) to be tracked in the usual way.
1.1604-Sep-17Service Console SupportFeatureEnhanced our Service Console offering: our shipped banners can now be used in Service Console (no need for local custom pages). In addition, console components feature:

* Enhanced styling, including optional "urgency" highlighting.
* Improved "snooze" facilities: global settings control the length of time to snooze, avoiding banners "popping up" whenever console pages are refreshed.
1.1509-Jan-17BannerFeatureAdded global settings to allow NoticeBoard Administrators to place limits on the maximum number of notifications that can be displayed in any user's banner.
1.1427-Jul-16BannerFeatureAdded the means to allow Orgs to create multiple Banners, each targetted at particular NoticeBoards (rather than showing all Notifications on a single banner). This is achieved by adding a new (optional) URL parameter (NBID - the ID of the desired NoticeBoard) when including NoticeBoards in components or IFRAMEs etc. 
1.1427-Jul-16BannerFeatureAdded facilities for NoticeBoard Admins to customise the styling of Banners. These facilities take the form of the ability to upload and reference a locally defined NoticeBoard custom style sheet (template freely available to our Customers), which can be used to influence the appearance of all or selected Banners. In addition, this style sheet grants the ability to add custom styles to individual Notices & their Notifications (affecting their appearance in banners & when opened). NoticeBoard custom settings can be used to specify the CSS style names that can be applied to Notices: Authors can then select these as they create their Notices.
1.1427-Jul-16BulkificationMaintenanceAdded the ability to target Notices at Internal and/or External recipients only.

"External" users are defined by their Salesforce License Types: these can be set via a new NoticeBoard global setting. This defaults to the following types:

* High Volume Portal (CSPLitePortal)
* Customer Portal User (CustomerSuccess)
* Customer Portal Manager (PowerCustomerSuccess)
* Partner (PowerPartner)
1.1117-May-16BulkificationMaintenanceChanges ensure Orgs can send Notifications to tens of thousands of Recipients without "view state", SOQL or other errors. Includes paging (to move through large collections of recipients when authoring) plus limits on entries allowed in Step 3
1.105-Apr-16InternationalisationFeatureAdded full internationalisation / localisation features to NoticeBoard covering all static text and system messages.
1.105-Apr-16Process Builder APIFeatureAdded a programming interface (API) allowing NoticeBoard to be called via SFDC Process Builder flows to create a Notice and its Notifications. Notices are generated from a user-specified "template" that can be configured to allow data to be parsed into Notifications from the context of the flow as it is triggered.
1.105-Apr-16BannerFeatureAdded custom settings to allow Orgs to specify a global, custom colour and font for their Notification Banners.
1.925-Nov-15PackagingMaintenanceMaintenance release including permissioning fixes and enhancements to banner positioning flexibility.
1.814-Sep-15Response OptionsFeatureExtended Notification Response Options to include the ability to offer Recipients a "Vote", whereby they must respond by selecting from a set of mutually exclusive responses (e.g., "Yes", "No" or "Maybe").

NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version of NoticeBoard, Salesforce Administrators are asked to add the value "Vote" to those offered in the Notification Response Option (ianb__Notice__c.ianb__NotificationResponseOption__c) pick list.
1.814-Sep-15SettingsFeatureAdded facilities to allow NoticeBoard Administrators to define "Urgency Thresholds", whereby when Notifications are within a designated number of hours of their "Required Action Deadline", they are visually marked with user-defined icons to highlight the fact that a response is becoming urgent.
1.814-Sep-15SettingsFeatureEnhanced the NoticeBoard Setup tab to allow easy access to configuration help and support as well as key product settings.
1.814-Sep-15Notice DefinitionFeatureAdded facilities to allow Notice Owners to search for individual users, profiles, roles etc. when attempting to locate the Recipients to select.
1.814-Sep-15Notice DefinitionFeatureEnhanced the usability and "bulkification" of Notice records by adding a paging control to the Notice View page, allowing inidivdual Recipient records to be located using alphabetic selectors.
1.814-Sep-15Notice DefinitionFeatureAdded facilities to allow Notice Owners to personalise Notifications by adding a salutation plus user name to the body of the Notifications seen by Recipients.
1.814-Sep-15Notice DefinitionFeatureAdded a new "List Mode" to the Recipient Selection facilities offered to Notice Owners. In this mode, Recipients are defined by grouping (e.g., role, profile or public group name) rather than by their individual name. This has the effect of greatly simplifying and "bulkifying" Recipient selection when dealing with Orgs in which many thousands of users may form the intended audience of a given Notice.
1.814-Sep-15Notice DefinitionFeatureAdded a facility to define "Recipient Groups", whereby particular sets of Recipients (individuals, or the groupings that define them when in "List" mode) can be saved for re-use in further Notices published via the same NoticeBoard.
1.814-Sep-15Response OptionsFeatureAdded a facility allowing Notice Owners to offer Recipients the ability to enter (optional) comments as they Acknowledge Notifications.
1.7.n01-Aug-15BannerMaintenanceMade adjustments to Improved NoticeBoard to ensure Salesforce Summer-15 readiness. Most importantly, this includes deprecation of the scripted "Improved NoticeBoard" sidebar component, which can now be replaced with a links component. Please see our Improved NoticeBoard Quick Start Guide for more information.
1.711-Sep-12DocumentationMaintenanceMaintenance release to update NoticeBoard Setup documentation
1.629-Jun-12Select RecipientsBug-fixFixed a bug on Summer 12 maintenance release, where selecting Recipients via Public Groups with nested Public Groups that contained Roles with Subordinate entries failed to resolve to individual Recipients.
1.527-Jun-12PackagingMaintenanceMaintenance release to utilise Salesforce Summer-12 features
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