Salesforce Console Notifications

Push Critical Communications to Console Users

Why pull your Salesforce Console users into meetings away from their phones to update them on Campaigns when you can use Improved NoticeBoard to push announcements and alerts into their Console Notification banner?


Notification Banner in Console


Potential savings of ‘off-phone’ time can vary by individual User and the complexity of Campaigns underway. So, whilst our customers are reporting daily time savings per user of around 5 minutes (and a return on investment of under 1 month!) please contact us to help you estimate your potential return on investment.


If you’re an existing Improved NoticeBoard customer, see how a Salesforce System Administrator can:

  • Setup: Salesforce Console Banner capabilities to alert your Console users of critical information – and
  • Enable a Console Primary tab to allow users to open, read and action critical Notifications without leaving the Console environment.


Make your Salesforce Console users’s live even more productive – with rich-media, context-sensitive embedded help & training content – using Helped Salesforce Console Apps.

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