Improved NoticeBoard OverviewImproved NoticeBoard: Managed Communication Process Overview

Improved NoticeBoard enables critical Notices to be pushed to targeted Salesforce users with the publisher retaining full control of the communication message, target audience and process. The above scrolling banner is an example in a salesforce Community.


NoticeBoards contain Notices – Notifications tell selected Recipients about them

NoticeBoards: Manage publishing policy & sets of Notices

Notices: Manage messages & any Required Actions for target audiences of selected Recipients

Notifications: Track Recipients’ interactions & Acknowledgements

NoticeBoard: Publishing Policy & Notices

NoticeBoard controls a set of Notices and allows a publishing team (or individual) to manage:NoticeBoard examples

  • Notices: pushed out to colleagues or partners from under this NoticeBoard;
  • Policies: the publishing process for this NoticeBoard and publishing team members;
  • Theme: to provide easily recognisable ‘branding’ of Notices by specific publishing team.

Multiple NoticeBoards are supported, which can reflect the local needs of management and support functions. Example NoticeBoards include ‘Partner Relations’, ‘Product Management’, ‘Salesforce Support’, ‘The Management’,’Training’…

Notice: The Message – FYI, RSVP or Action

Notice authors are responsible for Notice Management, in terms of:

  • Intent: ‘FYI’, ‘RSVP’ or ‘Task’. The Author sets the Recipient’s Required Action & Deadline;
  • Signatory: which, unlike email, can be a Team, function, individual…;
  • Content: Formal or informal, instructions or hints & tips…;
  • Acknowledgement Statement: If Recipients must acknowledge, they can be asked to agree a Notice-specific statement;
  • Lifecycle: through drafting, addressing, publication, which can be scheduled (and once the Notice has served it purpose) suspension and closure.

If Notices need to be formally signed-off before publication – or more informally peer-reviewed – Improved NoticeBoard also supports Notice Approvals using standard Salesforce approval processes for easy alignment with existing policy and process management.


Notice: The Target Audience = Selected Recipients

RecipientsThe target audience for a Notice are its selected Recipients, which Notice Authors select using a familiar Salesforce wizard technique – similar to that used for defining standard Salesforce Public Groups.

The Recipient selection wizard flags any external users who may have been selected – to ensure that Notices may be directed to the correct internal and external audiences. Notice recipients may include individuals or lists of recipients (Recipient Lists/Groups)

Improved NoticeBoard supports multiple user licence types (subject to the appropriate Salesforce user licences and Improved NoticeBoard user subscriptions being in place).


Notifications: Personal to Selected Recipients

NotificationsWhen a Notice is published, every selected Recipient is issued with a personal Notification. Recipients’s regular Salesforce application pages are enabled with a Notification Banner that acts as a combined newsfeed, inbox and to-do list, which:

  • Alerts: the Recipient to new Notifications;
  • Summarises: key Notification fields: Signatory, Title, Required Action & Deadline;
  • Reminds: the Recipient of any Notifications with outstanding Required Actions.

The Notification Banner is ‘self-cleansing’ to maintain its focus – Notifications are hidden as the Recipient completes Required Actions. All Notifications remain visible in the Recipient’s Notifications tab until the parent Notice is suspended from publication.


Notifications: Acknowledgement Tracking

AcknowledgementsClicking an item in the Notification Banner opens the Notification record, revealing more detailed content.

If a Notification that requires some kind of acknowledgement response, the Recipient will find a Notice-specific Acknowledgement Statement, together with various options for responding to the statement.



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