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Available Help Guides for this Page


Quick Access Menu - Guides Highlighted


Help Guides are accessed from the Help Quick Access Menu:


  1. Click the Help Quick Access Menu’s icon to open it;
  2. Click the Guides menu option to show available Help Guides for the current page;Available Guides for this page dialogue
  3. Click a Guide Name opens a Guide Window…


The Guide Window




The Guide Window contains the following components:

  • Title Bar: Useful for dragging the Guide Window around your monitor;
  • Guide Details: Name & Summary – as shown in the Available Guides dialogue link used to open the Guide;
  • Step List: Provides the Guide’s ‘table of contents’. Each Guide Step is a Help Topic in its own right and when a Guide is opened, Step-1 in the Step List will be selected, which would tend to be a Guide overview / introduction – as with Reading Lists;
  • Step Help: Shows help for the currently selected Guide Step.



Guides vs. Reading Lists


Improved Help Guides are similar to Reading Lists, in that they provide a set of Help Topics – Guide Steps – with a reading order or ‘flow’. Guides can be used in two modes:


  • Linear: where users follow the Guide’s Step list in order – for processes, procedures & guided Salesforce form-completion;
  • Non-linear: which do not dictate any start-point, end-point or flow. Instead, users are free to use them at different levels and ‘dip in’ depending on the task in-hand. Non-linear Guides are useful for providing play-books, for example, providing  competitor information.


The key differences between Guides and Reading Lists are:


  • Guide Window: Guides open within a dedicated Guide Window – designed to be used as a reference, which you can position and resize to suit your preferred way of working. Reading Lists can also be
  • View-in-Place in Step Window: Some Guide Steps will navigate the Helped User to a specific field, button, link… within a Step Window (which can be positioned & resized like the Guide Window).
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