Using: Embedded Help

What is Embedded Help?

Embedded Help offers rich, context-sensitive support information where you need it most: right next to the Salesforce items you’re working on! These bite-sized pieces of content are clearly marked in your Salesforce pages – with the Improved Help icon  (“Helped Element icon“) or your Organisation’s own branding and styling.


Clicking an embedded “Helped Element” – a field label, section title, button or link – will open a Help Topic in a “callout”. The type of callout and level of detail provided will depend on what your Organisation’s Help Author has chosen to create for you, but can vary from a simple one-line summary definition…


Callout Summary Only


…to rich-content Help Topic details…


Callout - Help Topic Details


…or perhaps provide a Reading List Gallery view to provide further process or play-book context…




Callout Template - Reading List Gallery




…or even links to related Help Resources, with usage notes to focus in on specific content for the current context…


Related Resources Callout

Clicking the ‘Read More…’ link in a help callout (or anywhere in the Summary style callout), will open the full Help Topic in the Enterprise Help Portal (unless Read More links have been disabled).


Help Quick Access Menu


Helped Salesforce pages will have normally display the Help Quick Access Menu  in the right-hand margin – just click the Improved Help icon.Help Quick Access Menu - Closed


Everything you need to know is covered in the main Quick Access Menu features page.

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