Setup: Improved Portal Help

Improved Portal Help – Straight Out of the Box!

Help-Enabling your Improved Salesforce Portal Apps is simple – in fact if you’ve already completed our Quick-Start guide, you’re mostly ready to go already:

  1. Subscription: Ensure your Portal users have an Improved Help Subscription allocated to them;
  2. Home Page: Check that the Home Page assigned to the Portal Users’ Profile has the correct Improved Help component;
  3. Permission Sets: Confirm Users have the correct Permission Sets allocated.

Need Dedicated Help Content for Portal Users?

The above steps will allow your Portal users to see any Help content made visible for them – which may have been created with internal Users in mind.

Improved Help Domains allow you to control what help content is made available to different groups of users – controlling Help visibility with standard Salesforce Data Sharing Rules.

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