Setup: Improved Help Branding

Help Portal Branding

The Enterprise Help Portal can be branded with your corporate logo, title and sub-title as you setup the Global Help Settings‘ branding tab.

Advanced Branding & Styling

Improved Help comes bundled with a customer stylesheet – help_customer.css – which controls the page styling that Helped Users see. Overriding styles is simply a case of:

  1. Replicating the help_customer.css file for your current version of Improved Help in a Salesforce Document (or other accessible web repository);
  2. Redirecting the Improved Help Customer Stylesheet location in the Global Help Settings: Branding tab.

Styling override options used by our customers include:

  • Embedded Help: icon, background colour, hover colour,
  • Help Callouts: text & background colours;
  • Help Quick Access Menu: icons and colours;
  • Salesforce Portal colours…

Styling override constraints:

  • We prevent some layout styling overrides to maintain the integrity of the application;
  • We don’t support styling overrides to areas that only Help Authors or Administrators see;
  • Whilst it is possible to override Dialogue styles, buttons and Quick Access Menu icons – and our stylesheet is commented – we don’t support this level of customisation.

If you have specific needs please contact us.

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