Setup: Improved Console Help

Help in the Salesforce Console

Use the following three steps to enable your Salesforce Console Apps with Improved Help:

1. Embedded Help on your Page Layouts

For each Page Layout you will need to create a new button or custom link, which will reveal embedded help for the tab:

  • Use a button if you would like embedded Help to appear only when users request it: they click the button to switch on Help if they wish to each time they refresh the tab.
  • Use a link if you want embedded Help to appear automatically for a given layout.

Creating a custom Help button

  • From Setup | Customize | [your chosen object] | Buttons, Links and Actions, click ‘New Button or Link’
  • Enter your preferred label and name
  • For Display Type, choose: Detail Page Button
  • For Behaviour, choose: Execute JavaScript
  • For Content Source, choose: OnClick JavaScript
  • Paste this code into the Script box…

…where [VF page root] is your salesforce org’s prefix for Improved Help Visual Force pages.

For example, if the URL address for your Help Settings Page were to look like this…

…then your VF page root would be…

  • Add the button to the desired layout.

The above actions will make any Embedded Help added to the standard Salesforce page layout for, say Accounts to appear in the Accounts primary tab of the Console at the click of the ‘Show Help’ button.

Creating a custom Help link

Proceed as above, except:

  • For Display Type, choose: Detail Page Link
  • For the code, enter…
    {!REQUIRESCRIPT(“[VF page root]/resource/iahelp__IHResources/js/jsConsole.js”)}

    …where [VF page root] is as described above.

2. Setup the Improved Help Quick Access Menu

Create a new Custom Console Component:

  • Button Name: ‘Improved Help‘ or whatever you prefer!
  • Button URL: ‘[salesforce root address]/resource/iahelp__IHResources/img/IconQAMDefault.png’ (replacing salesforce root with the correct domain for your Org);
  • Component: VisualForce page and Choose IHQAM;
  • Width: 200;
  • Height: 300;
  • With Fixed width and height.

3. Add the above Component to your Console Apps

We assume with the above information that you are familiar with Salesforce Console and its setup. If you need further help please contact us.

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