Setup: Helped Detail View Page

Use a simple Visualforce helped detail view page and view override, to automatically load Improved Help on page-load for view & inline edit modes in Salesforce Classic user experience.

 There are many Pros

  • Automatically Show ‘Help available’ icons on page load
  • Manage page layout via standard page layout editor (but this must be accessed via SFDC setup)
  • You have full control over page look and feel
  • You can control many aspects of Improved Help (Read more)
  • You can create additional VF Pages for Edit Mode

 …and some Cons:

  • You lose the Setup Menu
  • No more Related List Salesforce help links (which may not be an issue – and Improved Help can help here anyway)
  • Page layout assignments may become more challenging in more complex Orgs
  • Improved Help – Guide Enable Mode is not available (for Help Authors)
  • Outside the scope of our standard support but extended support options are available.

In this example we override the standard Contact detail ‘view’ page – the same technique can be used for any standard or custom object.

(It is possible to create a Visual Force override page for full edit mode, however this is a bit more complex, as it requires more structure than just the ‘detail’ tag.)

1. Create the Detail View Visualforce page

From Setup – Develop – Visualforce Pages

  • Click the New button
  • In the New Visualforce page dialogue, labelled Contact View, named ContactView and with a suitable Description;
  • Replace the Visualforce Markup with the content from one of the two options below and Save.

1.a Helped Detail View Page markup with Chatter panel enabled

1.b. Helped Detail View Page markup without Chatter panel enabled

2. Override the standard view page

From Setup – Customise – Contact – Buttons, Links and Actions

  • Scroll to the View row and Click Edit
  • Select Override with Visualforce page and from the drop-down, select the Contact View page created in step (1) above. (Do not set the Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning pages option.)
  • Click Save.
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