Setup: Help Domains

Different Help for different Users with Help Domains


Help Domains (some customers call this ‘Help Personas’) enable Help Administrators to provide different groups of Users with different help content – for the same Helped Page Elements! Examples of Help Domains might include internal Users, Partners or Spanish speakers.


Help Topics, like all Improved Apps entities, are native Salesforce custom object records – so they are subject to standard Salesforce security, permissions and sharing policies. These apply across Embedded Help, the Help Portal, searches, Reading Lists & Guides – including when deployed as Console and Portal applications.

This means that Help Administrators can use standard Salesforce Sharing Rules, Roles and Public Groups to create Improved Help Domains, with rule-based visibility of Help Topics for different target audiences.

1. Mark Help Elements & Help Topics with the desired Visibility

Salesforce Sharing Rules are configured at a System Administrator level. To enable delegated administration of Help Domains through Sharing Rules. Reading Lists, Help Elements & Help Topics have a Visibility field which can be used as a ‘hook’ by Help Authors to access predefined Sharing Rules:

  1. All;
  2. Internal;
  3. Partners.

These Visibility picklist values can be extended by the Help Administrator to match Sharing Rule requirements, thereby extending the range of Help Domains available to Help Authors.


Recommended High Level Steps

  1. Update the ‘Visibility’ field picklist options on the ‘Help Topic’ and ‘Helped Elements’ objects with your chosen options. Keep it consistent across the objects and with as few options as possible to keep the maintenance low.
  2. Now create the required Help Topics (or place holders for each scenario). You may set the visibility correctly individually or on mass via your list views on the various objects. (Consider a naming convention for your Help Topics so you can easily search and find them)
  3. Associate the above Help Topics to the correct Helped Page Layout…go to the Salesforce page where the embedded help needs to be…Open the Help Quick Access Menu (QAM) and select ‘Re-Configure’
    • Ensure the current Helped Element has the correct visibility set. Then Save.
  4. Click the green + button to clone the existing Helped Element in step 4.
    • Rename this Helped Element using a suitable naming convention
    • Set the Visibility correctly on this new element
    • Look up the desired Help Topic for this Visibility of users
    • Save & repeat step 5 for each scenario / Help Domain
  5. Improved Help fails elegantly for the Helped Users. i.e if a User can’t see a Help Topic no ?Mark will be shown for them, but a Help Author will see a box around that field.
  6. Login as the different users to test your configured embedded help


Note: It’s good to use ‘Re-Configure’ mode to see when multiple Helped Elements exist on any page and to easily jump to the corresponding Help Topics as the Author.

2. Set Help Topics as Private

By default, Help Topics have Public sharing. To enable conditional sharing with Sharing Rules, change Help Topic sharing to Private from:

  • Setup | Administration Setup | Security Controls | Sharing Settings: Organization-Wide Defaults – Edit;
  • Change Help Topics picklist value from Public Read Only to Private;
  • Save changes.


This change will make Help Topics visible only to record owners (and Help Authors & Help Administrators, who can View-All Help Topic records, from their Permission Sets).

3. Adjust Permission Sets

The Permission Sets that ship with Improved Help grant “View All” privileges on certain records – so that users can see records, such as Help Topics, that they did not themselves create. To realise Help Domains, it is necessary to adjust permissions so that users see only the records to which Sharing Rules grant access. To do this for Helped Users (the most common scenario for enabling Help Domains), please proceed as follows:

  1. Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets – Clone the Helped User Permission Set, giving the cloned record a useful descriptive name, such as “Helped User – Share Limited” .
  2. Click the name of the cloned Permission Set, click Object Settings then click Help Topic.
  3. Click Edit, then un-check the View All box under Object Permissions.
  4. Save your changes.

4. Add Custom Help Topic Sharing Rules

Prepare Help Topic sharing rules for your Help Domains. You will need one sharing rule for each scenario you need to cover.

Help Domains - Help Topic Sharing Rule

For example, to create a Help Domain for Partner Users:

  • Setup | Administration Setup | Security Controls | Sharing Settings: Help Topic Sharing Rules – New;
  • Change Help Topics picklist value from Public Read Only to Private;
  • Save changes.
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