Setup: Data Management

Your Improved Help Data – in Your Salesforce Org

Improved Help doesn’t dictate a content management strategy – nor does it insist on being the ‘centre of the universe’. The Improved Apps team recognises the need to support a wide range of customer’s enterprise documentation & content management situations. So, we endeavour to make Improved Help ‘play nicely’ in an enterprise setting.

Improved Help Content = Salesforce records

As Improved Help is 100% native Salesforce, all help content is held in regular Salesforce custom object records. So, data management for Improved Help is much like importing Lead lists or extracting data into MS Excel for analysis.

Enterprise Documentation Considerations

Documentation location(s), intended audiences, ownership, lifecycle management & policies can all affect which content is best to:

  • Migrate into Improved Help: As and when appropriate, based on user demand or ‘pushed’ projects;
  • Reference from Improved Help: As external Help Resources, to provide Salesforce users with context-sensitive access, whilst others manage content.

How to import content into Improved Help

Like any other data import procedure, the steps are:

  1. Extract Content (or references for Help Resources): Help Topics & Reading List content, Help Resources & mappings. Data can be extracted from the existing systems in Excel, CSV or XML format;
  2. Transform into Improved Help: One-off migrations can use our Excel utility, synchronisation / integration can use XML/XSL or use readily available Salesforce-based data management tools;
  3. Load into your Org: Use our Excel-to-XML Import Utility, Salesforce Data Loader (or similar AppExchange applications).

Feel free to contact us to discuss the options available for your particular situation.

How to export Help Content from Improved Help

Again, as Improved Help content is held in Salesforce records, all regular data extraction and synchronisation mechanisms are available – Reports, Excel, Data Loader, Data Extract and AppExchange tools for extraction (and/or synchronisation with external content management systems).

In addition, as of version 1.21, we introduce new Experimental Features allowing Help Administrators to produce a complete export of key Help records to the same format used by our Excel Import Utility, making Org-to-Org migration a breeze:

Experimental Features: Allow Excel Export
Enable Export via the Experimental Features settings tab
Experimental Features: Export from the Documentation tab
Export content from the Documentation settings tab
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