Improved Help Release Notes

Version 1.4211/10/2019Data ManagementFeatureEnhanced our content import / export utilities to make org to org migrations easier. Greater data volumes can now be accommodated, new content types migrated and resources can include relative paths, thus surviving the move.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Tree View Lightning component to offer a 'printable view', making it easy to export and share subsets of Help content.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a brand new 'Improved Help for Lightning' App, which greatly streamlines setup and includes powerful authoring and content upload layouts.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a ready-made combination of our Tree and Topic Viewer components for use in the Lightning Utility bar, which makes for rapid, simple deployment of Help with extensive, flexible parameters to suit most business needs.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Help AuthoringFeatureAdded new 'Author Configuration' features, allowing Help Authors to amend the most important aspects of Helped page layouts (e.g., the trees and topics to view on particular components) without the need to enter the Lightning page editor, thereby avoiding the need to call on System Administrators to complete content selection tasks.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Communities SupportBug-fixCured an issue affecting use of Help components in Communities that do not have a specific path (i.e., their address is in the form [Salesforce Domain] / [Community page] as opposed to [Salesforce Domain] / [Community Path] / [Community Page]. Such communities can now be supported, with correct identification of the Helped Page Layout to be used in all cases.
Version 1.4211/10/2019GuidesFeatureExtended the abiltiy to produce walk throughs of key page features by allowning our Position Detector components to participate in Guides that highlight areas of the screen beyond the Autoform.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Embedded HelpFeatureEnhanced our Autoform component to include support for Visualforce page sections and custom links, as well as offering an enhanced editing experience and extended UI options.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAugmented our Lightning Topic Viewer with the ability to include listings of related content in-line with Help details, placing more presentational flexibility in the hands of Authors.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded support for Salesforce flow: our Lightning List, Tree, Topic Viewer and Autoform components can all now be added directly to interview screens.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a new 'Tile' display style for our Lightning Listing component, offering a flexible and visually arresting way to present lists of options, resources, related content or similar.
Version 1.4211/10/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Nudge component to include new SLDS compliant styling options, as well as the ability to control how many Nudges a user receives within a specified period and to log the same as Help Interactions.
Version 1.4131/01/2019TaggingFeatureEnhanced our Lightning Tagging component in a number of ways: Component card title text enhanced. Tag pool creation / editing streamlined.
Version 1.4131/01/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Topic Viewer to make it more obvious which fields and mandatory and advise Authors when errors are present. Reviewed and enhanced tool labelling. Cured issues affecting maintenance of Vote Sets data. Minor improvements to image uploading facilities.
Version 1.4131/01/2019Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our "Nudge" component to allow it to be used to display a fixed message (title and / or sub-title) on a given page, instead of picking a random Help Topic to display from a pool. This can be useful where it is desired to alert users with a particular piece of information on arrival. Clicking the Nudge in these cases closes it (instead of navigating the user to the displayed Help Topic).
Version 1.4131/01/2019Help PortalFeatureEnhanced our Help Portal for our Lightning customers: Revampled look and feel to improve consistency and performance. Replaced drop down menus with tabs for certain related listings Addressed issues with topic searches and filtering, including accuracy of results and the actions taken when they are clicked. Enhanced card styling to avoid text / tool wrapping when screen space is limited.
Version 1.4131/01/2019Help SearchFeatureEnhanced help content search facilities: Enter key can now be used to execute a search (as well as clicking the search button). Searching without entering a keyword has been suppressed, to avoid lengthy and / or unreliable filtering operations. Search results highlighting enhanced in our Tree View to differentiate matches more effectively.
Version 1.4131/01/2019Embedded HelpFeatureEnhanced our help-enabling facilities throughout Lightning: Formatting enhanced to the auto-form in help enable mode. Complete re-vamp of help-enabling from our Quick Access Menu component, delivering greater reliability and clarity.
Version 1.4131/01/2019Help CalloutsFeatureEnhanced our Help Callouts to fix minor sizing and formatting issues in Lightning: both number and bullet lists are now shown correctly and default callout heights are better suited to Salesforce's latest UX.
Version 1.4131/01/2019GuidesFeatureMajor enhancements to Guide enabling facilities. Guide enable mode is deprecated in Salesforce Classic, but far easier in Lightning. Lightning Guides work seamlessly in Classic and are presented via a more intitive and immediate menu fold out from the classic Quick Access Menu. Enhancements to Guide-enabling facilities via our Lightning Auto-form component include: Clearer guide selection and amendment controls, making it easier to add, select and edit guides and their steps. Clearer guide step editor prompts, with improved styling and placeholder text wording. Removal of un-necessary navigation controls when in guide enable mode. Enhanced feedback messages when saving changes to guides. Added improved "Share" tool to allow users to obtain sharable hyperlinks direct to a selected guide.
Version 1.4016/11/2018TaggingFeatureMade it easier to create a new tag pool. Made it possible to filter a single listing by multiple tag pools (i.e., show me records where tag "x" from pool "a" is set, but also tag "y" from pool "b").
Version 1.4016/11/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a new Lightning "Tabs" control, allowing our Help components to be placed on tabs on your App layouts. This offers great flexibility including: Individually styled tabs. Labelling options, including use of icons of various types. Tab tool tips. Content defined via configuration data for maximum flexibility.
Version 1.3919/09/2018InteractionsFeatureGreatly enhanced our Help "sticky notes" / My Help Notes facility. Notes listing now shows the latest version of your notes for the current object (e.g., Opportunities) rather than all versions of notes for the current record; Note for the current context is highlighted; New search control to locate notes; Click note name to edit, rather than a "remote" editing icon; Improved overall look and feel, including corrected text box height; Generic ?my notes? title replaced with context-record specific note information; New listing-level tools: View: Go to the record for which this note was written Archive: Remove this note (and all its previous versions) from my listing Relevant interactions are retained and marked ?Sticky (Archived)? to filter them from listings User can ?start again? with a new note for the affected context at any  time  
Version 1.3919/09/2018Embedded HelpFeatureAdded an exciting new "Auto form" Lightning component, capable of: Showing help on arrival on the page Providing for a vastly improved guides and guide enabling experience. Supporting all other "classic" help modes (help enable etc.) Acting as an override, thus allowing use in add / edit record scenarios.
Version 1.3919/09/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a new "Nudge" Lightning component, that can be used to display reminders or similar "nudges" to users on arrival on a Lightning page. The component selects a random item from a specified pool of Topics and displays minimal details in a compact form factor. The owner of the hosting Lightning layout can choose how "intrusive" the nudge is (how far it animates down the page) and how quickly it disappears.
Version 1.3919/09/2018TaggingFeatureEnhanced our Lightning "tagging" component to greatly enhance usability and ease of pool maintenance: New tagging control parameter allows cloud / pool editing, if desired. Click a tag's ?X? icon, where enabled, to remove it from the current pool. Optionally delete underlying Help Topic at the same time. Where pool editing is enabled, drag topics into the current pool from List rows, the topic viewer compoent (Topic Title) or Another pool. New tagging control option allows authorised users to switch between pools for more streamlined tagging across themes.  
Version 1.3919/09/2018Help PortalFeatureEnhanced our Help Portal for Lightning, greatly improving performance as well as providing a more intuitive experience.
Version 1.3919/09/2018InteractionsFeatureAdded a new field on ‘Help Vote Option’ that allows categorisation of the vote option. Also added related reports and dashboards that shows vote options categorised, meaning options can be rolled up to analyse wider trends.
Version 1.3919/09/2018GuidesFeatureGreatly enhanced our Help Guides. Creating Guides for Lightning data entry forms is now a point and click exercise, whether in view or edit record modes. Guide prompts feature rich media and scroll into view as required.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Lightning Tree Viewer component to offer a more compelling user experience in mobile / limited screen real estate environments. In particular, any leaf-level tools are aligned right correctly, regardless of the length of the label text that
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that could cause tool clicks, such as "Help Home", to fire multiple times when shown as "shortcuts" in the Quick Access Menu handle.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that could cause issues with the accuracy of search results when using our Tagging component in conjunction with "Tagged Item" listings on Salesforce record pages (App page layouts were not affected).
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded Lightning field labels to the set of elements we are able to Help "out of the box", without the need for a signature to enable embedded Help.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureCompleted a number of enhancements to make our embedded help overlay more useful. These include:
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeature* Addition of an embedded Help toggle switch near the helpable area (typically a Salesforce record detail panel) that floats in place, so it's alw
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAmended our Help Callouts to offer an enhanced "native" Lightning look and feel, including flexible "nubbin" positioning.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a range of attractive new SLDS-compliant custom styles ready for use with our Lightning-style Help Callouts.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced the appearence of Vote options for Help Topics in our Lightning Details component
Version 1.3827/04/2018Data ManagementFeatureAdded an "upload" image facility to Help Topic editing dialogues allowing "one stop" browse to image, upload and setting of URL field to resulting URL.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Data ManagementFeatureAdded links leading directly to your Help Topic Template records from our various Help Topic Editors, making it easier to see and amend full details of each of our shipped callouts and templates as well as your local customisations.
Version 1.3827/04/2018Data ManagementFeatureEnhanced callout previewing capabilities in our Help Topic editors by providing for preview of callout in-situ on the editor and as edited (as well as the saved version).
Version 1.3827/04/2018Help CalloutsFeatureAdded two exciting new Help callouts:
* Our "Scaled Media" callout is based on "topic details" but with media sizing respecting width / height values entered by topic author;
* Our "Lightning Popover" callout that presents a Lightning-friendly style akin to an SLDS "Einstein" flavour popover.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that was causing edits to Help Topic descriptions via our Lightning controls to fail to display when the viewer was returned to View mode.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced the appearence of our Guides when opting for Lightning look & feel in classic environments. Guide step prompts now include a close button (as they always had in Lightning itself).
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureMade it easier for our Customers to find and use Improved Help's unique "Lightning Out Host" (via the Quick Access Menu) - allowing authorised users to create links direct to specific Lightning components pre-loaded with the desired settings and data.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded the ability to navigate our Lightning controls to specific help topics via the specified URL, in a similar way to that used in our Classic pages (HTID parameter).
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded additional flexibility to our Lightning components by allowing the tools / header area and diagnostics footer to be switched on or off by the owner of a given Lightning page layout.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that was causing Guide-type Reading Lists to appear via QAM "Reading Lists" drop down menu option. These are now hidden.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureProvided a facility to present selected Lightning Configuration Tools, such as the Home Page link, as "shortcuts" presented in the Quick Access Menu handle (as opposed to its body), avoiding the need to open the QAM to reach these items.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAmended our Lightning Callout styling to enhance visibility and provide a clearer look and feel.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Lightning embedded help facilities, making it easier to toggle help on and off on a given page.
Version 1.3730/01/2018Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a new Lightning "Tagging" control allowing Help Topics to be marked (tagged) with meta information, then filtered on that basis. These facilities provide for powerful categorisation, curation and content semantics.
Version 1.3602/11/2017Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureDreamforce 17, fully security reviewed release, including minor styling amendments and bug fixes.
Version 1.3527/10/2017Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureExpanded our portfolio of Lightning Components to include:
* Tree View: allows Help Topics to be displayed in hierarchies, akin to file explorer systems.
* Tree Selector: allows Lightning page owners to allow users to switch between content hierarchies with ease.
* Crumb Trail: to show the path to one's current position within a hierarchy of Topics (i.e., position on a tree).

In support of these:
* Added new types of Lightning interaction (tree node clicked etc.)
* Added a new "Semantic Tag" object and related field in Help Topic Relationships to allow for relationship metadata - including the "parent" types that define the hierarchies displayed by trees.
* Added a new Visualforce topic template, allowing trees and topic hierarchies to be exposed via the classic portal / UI.

Additionally, amended the Details / Topic Viewer Lightning control to show Vote options, where relevant, to end users, allowing them to cast Votes.
Version 1.3527/10/2017Help PortalFeatureAdded a new global branding setting, allowing Help Administrators to switch to a new, "Lightning Flavoured" version of our Help Portal and Callouts whilst continuing to operate in the Classic Salesforce environment, helping to prepare users for any future transition to the full Lightning Experience.
Version 1.3404-Sep-17GuidesFeatureMajor enhancements to our Improved Help Guides, including:

* New option to "opt in" to Lightning look-and-feel for Guides: this global setting affects all new and existing Guides and can be switched on or off at any time.
* New look Guides feature the latest Salesforce-recommended styling for "Walkthroughs" - attractive, streamlined and a useful introduction to Lightning for Classic users.
* Guide prompts can now include additional explanatory text plus rich media from the Step Topic.

Customers using their own custom Help stylesheet should contact Improved Apps for free support to make the minor amendments required to support the latest LUX styling.
Version 1.3311-Jul-17Help CalloutsFeatureAdded a new Callout Template: the "Related Help Details" Callout displays topics to which the current one is related. By relating topics to each other and selecting suitable templates for each relative, this callout allows the real estate of a single embedded topic to be used to display rich media and / or groupings of related resources.
Version 1.3311-Jul-17Settings: BrandingFeatureExtended custom CSS facilities to helped Visualforce pages, which now benefit from the styles defined in Improved Help's Branding settings.
Version 1.3311-Jul-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced our Lightning offering to include:

A new "Position Detector" component that can be used to size and locate other components with greater accuracy.
An enhanced "Lightning Out Host" that can deliver a wider range of Lightning components dynamically in non-Lightning environments.
Links from our classic Help Portal to view Reading Lists in our exciting new Lightning format (using the Lightning Out Host).
A "Lighting Out URL Builder" tool that makes it easier to create hyperlinks that can take users directly to a desired Lightning resource, for example from a sidebar link or the body of a Help Topic.
Version 1.3311-Jul-17Help PortalBug-fixCured an issue that could cause the "Search" tool to be hidden on the Help Portal page in classic pages when viewed via a web tab. A new "ForceSearch" parameter can be included in the page address to ensure the search tool appears.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureCreated a powerful Lightning "Image Viewer" component that can be added to layouts to show any accessible image in a variety of formats. The component can show fixed content or be set to "listen" to other Help components, such that the image associated with a given Help Topic is displayed. The component allows the selected image to be "popped out" into a new window if desired and can also be invoked from our Help Topic and Reading List Viewer components.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureExtended the design time facilities available to Lightning Page Authors, allowing them to control the labelling of Help Topics listed in the Quick Access Menu.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that could cause duplicate listings to appear when a Help Topic was referenced by multiple Helped Elements on the Layout being viewed.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a new global Help Settings allowing Orgs to switch on advanced diagnostics for the Lightning environment.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded the ability to adjust the position of our Lightning callouts by dragging when opened from the Quick Access Menu.
Version 1.3209-May-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced search capabilities in the Lightning Quick Access Menu: the search text box now acts as an "instant filter" on the Help listing being viewed, allowing rapid, conveninent access to relevant contextual content. The search button, meanwhile, retains its ability to conduct a global search across all Topics.
Version 1.3104-Apr-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureExtended our Lightning offering to include an all-new Reading List Viewer component. Features include: * Fully compliant, native look and feel: * Extensive display options, including sizing and aspect ratio of rich media, details to display and various navigation options: * Ability to launch Reading Lists as a modal dialogue, as stand alone, on-page components or directly into our Quick Access Menu.
Version 1.3104-Apr-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureExtended our Lightning components to ensure they are available for use via the Lightning Community Builder.
Version 1.3104-Apr-17Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixCured a bug that could cause certain Reading Lists to be omitted from our Lightning Listing component.
Version 1.3001-Mar-17DocumentationFeatureExtended our in-built product documentation, giving Help Administrators access to a wider range of material in a more flexible format.
Version 1.3001-Mar-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded a facility to allow page authors to control the naming convention used for help listings. Options include: Topic Name only, Topic Name and Helped Element name, Topic Name and Helped Element type
Version 1.3001-Mar-17Help SearchFeatureEnhanced our Help Search facilities to include matches of text from a wider scope, including Topic rich text.
Version 1.3001-Mar-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded full internationalisation support for our Lightning components. These follow similar lines to (and where possible re-use content produced for) our classic product.
Version 1.3001-Mar-17InteractionsFeatureAdded a new report (Interaction: All Data) that includes de-normalised related object data in a tabular format allowing for easy export of information to external analytics packages etc.
Version 1.3001-Mar-17OtherFeatureAdded the ability to mark Help Topics with "keywords" which are transformed into hyperlinks if used in the descriptions of other Topics, creating "wiki" style automated linkages between Help content without the need for author interve
Version 1.3001-Mar-17Lightning / Aura SupportBug-fixFixed a bug that could cause data driven help to be displayed in the wrong callout templates in Lightning.
Version 1.2913-Jan-17Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureEnhanced Lightning Experience (LEX) components. Our prototype LEX components have been replaced with a suite of highly functional Help for Lightning tools for early adopters
Version 1.2913-Jan-17Help CalloutsFeatureAdded a new Callout Template: the "Full Width Media" Callout presents the Help Topic's video or image, as selected by the Topic Author, at 100% of available width for maximum impact
Version 1.2913-Jan-17OtherFeatureAdded enhanced security features, as recommended by SFDC, in compliance with the requirements of Locker Service and CSP
Version 1.2913-Jan-17OtherFeatureAmended the default values used for newly created Help Topics to provide more useful initial information
Version 1.28.104-Nov-16Settings: GeneralFeatureService release with latest security and configuration enhancements
Version 1.2414-Oct-15Embedded HelpFeatureFurther enhanced our Quick Access Menu so that it can be used via a Visualforce page section or synchronised "popout" window, as well as via the Feed layout or as a Salesforce1 publisher action.
Version 1.2414-Oct-15Embedded HelpFeatureAdded a new "Launcher" page that can be used to open and synchronise our Quick Access Menu in its own browser window.
Version 1.2414-Oct-15Embedded HelpFeatureAdded a new "Filterable Relatives" callout, which presents a Topic and its related Help in a rapidly filterable listing, allowing users to select information most of interest without needing to re-navigate.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Settings: BrandingStylingThere are no changes to the Improved Help Customer CSS stylesheet in this release: it is identical to the version shipped with Improved Help 1.22.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Embedded HelpBug-fixCured a bug that could cause Improved Help for "Help and Training" portal links not to work.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Embedded HelpFeatureEnhanced Improved Help Signatures to allow our Customers greater flexibility in the way in which Signature callouts are positioned.
Added the ability to add "Help Style" information to Helpable Signatures. Any element helped via a Signature will add this style to its callout, allowing the Author to control help positioning.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Help PortalBug-fixCured a bug that was preventing the icons representing Help Resource types (web page, video etc) from displaying correctly.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15OtherFeatureMade various changes to the Improved Help schema: Orgs that use custom Permission Sets (as opposed to the ones shipped with Improved Help) should ensure that access rights are set for the following new items:

* Help Vote Set object (iahelp__HelpVoteSet__c):
Used as part of Improved Help's new Voting facilities. Help Vote Sets define groups of Help Vote Options from which Users can select to cast a Vote.
We recommend that Help Authors and above be given full access to this object.
Helped Users require Read / View All.

* Help Vote Option object (iahelp__HelpVoteOption__c):
Used as part of Improved Help's new Voting facilities. Help Vote Options represent the values that Users can select in casting Vote-type interactions.
Help Authors and above require full access to this object.
Helped Users require Read / View All.

* Help Interation object / Help Vote Option (iahelp__HelpInteraction__c.iahelp__HelpVoteOption__c):Used for recording details of the Votes cast (Help Vote Options selected) by users.
Object access permissions should remain unchanged.
This field should be updated automatically where required. Add it to the standard Salesforce detail page visible when viewing an individual interaction record: Note that the Global Help Settings page / Tracking Tab now includes a link to Help Interaction records.

* Help Topic object / Help Vote Set (iahelp__HelpTopic__c.iahelp__HelpVoteSet__c):
Used for setting the Vote (if any) that will be offered to users when viewing a given Help Topic.
Help Authors and above require read / write access. Help Administrators require read access.
This field should be updated using the Improved Help Topic Editor available to Authors and above via the Help Portal, so we recommend you do NOT add it to standard Salesforce detail pages.

* Helpable Signature object / Help Style (iahelp__HelpableSignature__c.iahelp__HelpStyle__c):
Used as part of new facilities that increase the flexibility with which Signature Elements can be displayed. The field may contain an Improved Help styling class name defining one of several known ways in which Help callouts can be displayed.
Help Administrators require read / write access. All other users require Read access.
Add this field to the standard Salesforce detail page for Helpable Signatures (available via links from the Help Global Settings page / Experimental Features tab).
Version 1.2314-Sep-15InteractionsFeatureAdded a link to the Org's Help Interaction records from the "Tracking" tab of the Global Help Settings page, allowing Administrators easy access to the audit records created as Users benefit from Improved Help.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Lightning / Aura SupportFeatureAdded experimental Aura Components to the Improved Help package, ensuring that Improved Help can be made available via Lightning Pages. These include:

* A Topic Selector component, allowing users to view listings of contextual Help Topics.
* A Topic Viewer, which displays details of a selected Topic, including rich media, embedded directly on the Lightning page.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15InternationalisationFeatureProvided for full internationalisation / localisation of all Help-related static labels and system messages.
Note that, as part of these enhancements, the "Feedback Messages" tab of the Global Settings page can no longer be used to control the wording of certain advice alerts that re presented to Users. These are, instead, set via "locale" internationalisation files.
Please contact us for more information.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15Communities SupportFeatureEnhanced support for Improved Help in Communities.
Note that as part of this, Improved Help Full- and Callout-Topic Templates now feature fully qualified page URLs (with the "iahelp__" namespace pre-pended).

IMPORTANT: please re-initialise Help Settings on upgrading to this version to ensure that existing Help Topic Template records are updated as required, thus ensuring that existing Help Topics continue to be associated with the desired Templates.

Use of Help in Communities involves the following special setup steps:

* Creation of community-specific sidebar components.
* Use of a relative path for the "Customer CSS" specified as part of Global Help settings.

Please contact us for more information and assistance.
Version 1.2314-Sep-15InteractionsFeatureAdded the ability for Help Authors to allow Users to cast votes on particular Help Topics. Authors can create "Vote Sets" that group together available votes that can be cast in a particular situation. Each Vote set and its options can comprise textual questions / answers and/or emoticons representing user opinion. Users are presented with voting options in Help Callouts and the Portal, in classic and Salesforce1 pages. Please contact us for more information.
Version 1.22.114-May-15GuidesBug-fixAmended the path to the AES encryption library used for encoding manual step instructions in Step Window URLs.
Version 1.2223-Mar-15Salesforce1 SupportFeatureEnhanced our Saleforce1 user interface to improve scrollability, streamline visuals and improve navigation between the Quick Access Menu, Improved Help Portal and Reading List Viewer.
Version 1.2223-Mar-15Settings: BrandingStylingThe Improved Help Customer CSS stylesheet has been amended to reflect certain enhancements being released in version 1.22. Orgs that have overridden this stylesheet with their own local branding should implement the following amendments:
.IHIconHelpandTrainingLink {background:url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/

.IHIconRecordTitle {background:url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/

.IHIconSignatureElement {background:url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/

FOR ENHANCED SF1 ICON SET - add the following
.IHIconCommentIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconCommentIH1.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}

.IHIconHelpMenuIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconHelpMenu.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}

.IHIconHelpBackIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconHelpBack.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}
Version 1.2113-Feb-15OtherFeatureImproved Help has been amended to be fully ready for changes proposed by Salesforce as part of their Summer 15 release. As part of these changes, Customers may choose to use the new "Improved Help Links" sidebar component to embed help in their Salesforce pages. Please note that, if adopting this component, certain administrative / setup related configuration messages that used to appear in the sidebar will appear instead below the main body of the Salesforce page. This change does otherwise affect the operation of Improved Help.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15ReportingFeatureAdded an 'Improved Help - Help Guide Analysis' dashboard to help Orgs to analyse the content and impact of their Help Guides.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Settings: GeneralFeatureAdded an 'Experimental Features' tab to the Improved Help Global Settings page allowing Help Administrators to control the availability of certain "safe harbour" experimental features. These features offer exciting early glimpses of functionality intended for full development as part of our roadmap. As such, they are offered 'as is' and may be subject to revision or removal in future releases.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help PortalFeatureAmended the Help Portal to list Related Help Resources alphabetically.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help PortalBug-fixCured a bug that prevented Help Authors from adding related Help Resources to Help Topics.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Embedded HelpFeatureCreated options for including Improved Help on Classic Salesforce pages via a 'custom link' mechanism (avoiding the need for scripted HTML sidebar components).
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help AuthoringBug-fixEnhanced help enabling facilities for Visualforce pages and cured a minor bug that was creating related Helped Page Layouts as 'Standard' rather than 'Visualforce' types.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15OtherBug-fixCured a bug that could case Internet Explorer v9 with default javascript debugging settings to report errors ("sforce is undefined")
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Service CloudFeatureBasic Guides now available to Console users: please contact us for implementation instructions.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesBug-fixCured a bug that could cause errors when returning to the Guide Viewer window having deleted the current Guide.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15InteractionsFeatureEnhanced Improved Help Interactions to record when a user accesses Help via the Salesforce1 user interface.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help PortalStylingMade minor adjustments to the appearence of the Help Portal toolbar for Help Authors.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help CalloutsBug-fixEnhanced Help Topic 'Share' link functionality, to improve reliability.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Reading ListsFeatureAdded facilities to allow Help Authors to decide whether to mark Reading Lists and Guides as 'Active': non-Active Reading Lists and Guides are hidden from Helped Users, allowing Authors to work on content before making it 'live' and available for use.

PLEASE NOTE: Administrators will need to mark any existing Reading Lists as 'Active' after upgrading to version 1.21 in order to ensure that they continue to be visible to Helped Users.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15OtherFeatureMade various changes to the Improved Help schema:

Any locally-defined, custom Permission Sets (used in place of those shipped with Improved Help) should be updated to set the correct access rights for the following new fields:

* Reading List Active flag (iahelp__HelpReadingList__c.Active__c): Read for Helped Users and Analysts, Read and Edit for Authors and Admins

* Help Interaction - Context (iahelp__HelpInteraction__c.Context__c): Read for Analysts, Authors and Administrators.

* Help Interaction - Affected Reading List (iahelp__HelpInteraction__c.HelpReadingList__c): Read for Analysts, Authors and Administrators.

* Helpded Element Data Driven Filter flag (iahelp__HelpedElement__c.HasDDF__c): Read for Helped Users, Analysts and Authors, Read and Edit for Administrators.

* Helpable Signatures object (iahelp__HelpableSignature__c): Read/View All for Helped Users, Analysts and Authors, Modify All for Administrators.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Settings: BrandingStylingThe Improved Help Customer CSS stylesheet has been amended to reflect certain enhancements being released in version 1.21. Any overridden customer stylesheets, used for local branding, should be updated with the following amendments:
h1.pageType.IHHelpedSFElement {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconHelpedElement.png") 3px no-repeat; background-size: 12px 12px;}

h1.pageType.IHHelpedSFElement.IHHighlight {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconHighlightedElement.png") 3px no-repeat; background-size: 12px 12px;}

.IHHelpedSFElementX2 {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconDataDrivenFilters2.png") 3px no-repeat !important; background-size: 35px 12px;}

.IHHelpedSFElementX3 {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconDataDrivenFilters3.png") 3px no-repeat !important; background-size: 35px 12px;}

.IHHelpedSFElementX4 {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconDataDrivenFilters4.png") 3px no-repeat !important; background-size: 35px 12px;}

.IHHelpedSFElementX5 {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconDataDrivenFilters5.png") 3px no-repeat !important; background-size: 35px 12px;}

.IHCollateralUpdated {background: url("/resource/iahelp__IHResources/
img/IconHelpCollateralUpdated.png") 3px no-repeat !important; background-size: 35px 12px;}

th.zen-deemphasize.IHCollateralUpdated {padding-left: 20px !important;}

.IHIconCommentIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/img/IconCommentIH1.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}
.IHIconHelpMenuIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/img/IconHelpMenu.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}
.IHIconHelpBackIH1 {background:url('/resource/iahelp__IHResources/img/IconHelpBack.png') no-repeat; background-size: 30px 30px;}
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesFeatureAdded link to specific hints and tips for Guide authors on the Guide Enable mode dialogue.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Quick Access MenuFeatureEnhanced our Salesforce1 Quick Access Menu so that it can also readily be used via the classic CRM UI's 'Feed' layout as a publisher action.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Service CloudBug-fixRemoved 'Share' links from Console page layouts as these are not suited to use in Console scenarios.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Embedded HelpFeatureExtended Improved Help's hooking capabilities to allow override of the Salesforce 'Help & Training' link plus the title area of individual records.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesFeatureImproved Guides logic to increase flexibility and offer more streamlined transition from one page layout to another, removing any need for intervening 'local' Guide steps.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesBug-fixCured a bug that could potentially allow Helped Users to see (but not successfully use) Guide Step editing tools.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesFeatureEnhanced Guides to extend support to Feed-Based Layouts.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Embedded HelpFeatureAdded ability for Help Administrators to choose whether to highlight recently changed Help Topics by adding 'recently amended' styling to affected Helped Elements.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Data ManagementFeatureImproved visual clues to Help Authors that configuration issues exist with their Helped Elements.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help PortalFeatureAdded a tool to the Help Portal toolbar to allow cloning of Help Topics, with or without their Help Relationships.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Data ManagementFeatureEnhanced 'Reconfigure Help' mode to make it easier to identify helpables where more than one Helped Element record has been defined, for example where Data-Driven Filters are in use.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15InteractionsFeatureEnhanced Improved Help Interactions to log usage of Guides and their Steps.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help PortalFeatureAmended the Portal Editor panel to enable editing of locally added custom Help Topic fields. Any fields added to a Help Topic object Field Set, named 'Custom', will appear on a 'Custom' tab in the editor. Note that this excludes any fields that already feature elsewhere on the editor.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesStylingAmended the styling of tools available to Help Analysts, Authors, and Administrators on the Guide viewer window - to improve clarity regarding the currently selected viewing mode. In addition, added an 'unsaved data warning' akin to that encountered on the Portal Help Topic editor to warn Authors when they have amended but not saved changes to step Topics.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesFeatureAmended Guide behaviour when featuring buttons. As of Help v1.20, buttons were assumed to be the last manual step in any set, so guides would 'halt' on buttons. This assumption is no longer in place, so buttons can be treated the same as any other page element.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesFeatureEnhanced data management and record clean-up for Guides: when a Guide is deleted, in addition to removing related Reading List Entries (Guide Steps) related Help Topics are now also automatically removed - where they are not used in other Guides or by Helped Elements.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Help AuthoringBug-fixCured a bug that could cause SOQL query limits to be exceeded when help-enabling large numbers of elements in one go.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15GuidesBug-fixEnhanced Improved Help logic to ensure that deletion of Help Topics that feature in Guides results in renumbering of the remaining steps to ensure continued reliable operation.
Version 1.2113-Feb-15Salesforce1 SupportFeatureEnhanced our Salesforce1 user interface for greater navigability, usability and clarity
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Data-driven HelpFeatureImproved the facilities for managing Helped Elements with Data Driven Filters. Where an element is helped but the record being viewed does not match data driven criteria, the relevant item is highlighted (for Authors+ only) and, when clicked, the user is offered the chance of viewing Helped Element information.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Help CalloutsFeatureAdded the ability for Customers to use their own custom Visualforce pages as Callout- and/or Full-Topic-templates featuring contextual data about the Help Topic, Helepd Element and Salesforce record being viewed, as well as Global Help Settings information.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Embedded HelpFeatureExtended Help Topic custom styling facilities to reflect custom styles on any Helped Element associated with a given topic.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Embedded HelpFeatureExtended Help Enabling facilities to allow custom section headings to be helped.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14GuidesBug-fixCured a bug that prevented Helped Page Layouts from being deleted when they were referenced by Help Topics as their Guide "Step Layout". Such Topics now have this field cleared when Layout deletion occurs.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Settings: GeneralFeatureProvided link form the Help Settings pages to the Improved Apps website where optional, free "Content Packs" of Help materials can be downloaded for use in any Org.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Help PortalBug-fixCured a bug that could cause Improved Help for the Portal Help Editor to disappear after amendments to Topic records.
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Help CalloutsFeatureAdded new callout template (Topic Details - Media Left) to allow additional embedded help delivery options. Orgs that have adopted their own Permission Sets will need to ensure that all Users have access to Visualforce page "CalloutTopicDetails2".
Version 1.2018-Jul-14Quick Access MenuFeatureMade the Quick Access Menu available to custom Visualforce pages, allowing Orgs to help enable, reconfigure and analyse help usage as easily as on classic Salesforce pages
Version 1.1912-May-14OtherStylingVarious changes have been made to Improved Help stylesheets in recent releases:

Orgs that use custom style sheets (see the branding tab of the global settings page) as opposed to the ones shipped with Improved Help may wish to reflect the following amendments:

Changes to make if upgrading from Improved Help v1.18 to 1.19 :
* None

Changes to make if upgrading from Improved Help v1.17 to 1.18 :
* Edit the definition of .IHIconHome to be for .IHIconSalesforceHome

* Edit the definition of .IHIconHelpHome to point at IconHelpHome.png (formerly IconHome.png)

* Edit the definition of .IHIconHomeUnavailable to be for .IHIconSalesforceHomeUnavailable

In addition various definitions were added in this release to ensure correct icon sizing for those using Internet Explorer v8: Please contact us for suggested override definitions if your Organisation uses this browser.
Version 1.1912-May-14Embedded HelpBug-fixCured a bug that was causing issues for helped field labels that included the ampersand (&) character.
Version 1.1912-May-14GuidesFeatureAdded a "share" tool to the Guide viewer window, allowing users to forward links to a particular Guide to colleagues.
Version 1.1912-May-14GuidesFeatureAdded the ability to create Help Bookmarks for leading directly to the first step in any Help Guide.
Version 1.1912-May-14Data-driven HelpFeatureMade provisions to allow Authors to select the help to show when adding new salesforce records and data driven help filters are in play.
Version 1.1912-May-14GuidesFeatureImproved Guide Enable mode to allow Authors to add, edit and delete Guide Steps using a simple point-and-click interface.
Version 1.1912-May-14Embedded HelpBug-fixCured a bug affecting IE8 users that prevented Improved Help being able to override Salesforce page-level help
Version 1.1912-May-14Embedded HelpBug-fixImproved help enablement to cater for longer pages and / or cases where asynchronous loading of related lists may be in use: in these cases, Help Administrators can choose to trigger help "hooking" periodically to ensure all relevant Improved Help is made available to users as downloads complete.
Version 1.1912-May-14DocumentationFeatureMade additional product documentation available as an optional download of embeddable help topics for the Improved Help authoring toolset.
Version 1.1912-May-14OtherFeatureMade various changes to the Improved Help schema:

Orgs that use custom Permission Sets (as opposed to the ones shipped with Improved Help) should ensure that access rights are set for the following new fields:

* Use helped element for new records ( HelpedElement__c.UseForNew__c ):
Read access for all users, Read/Write for Authors and Administrators.
This field should be updated using the Improved Help "Helped Element Maintenance" screen (Re-configure mode) so we recommend you do NOT add it to standard Salesforce detail pages.

* Help bookmark label text ( HelpBookmark__c.HelpBookmarkLabel__c ):
Read access for all users.
This field is used for Guide bookmarks only and set automatically so we recommend you do NOT add it to standard Salesforce detail pages.

* Helped page layout - number of times to repeat hooking ( HelpedPageLayout__c.RehookTimes__c ):
Read access for all users, Read/Write for Authors and Administrators.
Add to your detail view for the HelpedPageLayout__c object to allow advanced users to control re-hooking behaviour in cases where lengthy page downloads require this.

* Helped page layout - repeat hooking interval ( HelpedPageLayout__c.RehookInterval__c ):
Read access for all users, Read/Write for Authors and Administrators.
Add to your detail view for the HelpedPageLayout__c object to allow advanced users to control re-hooking behaviour in cases where lengthy page downloads require this.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help SearchStylingImproved the search results dialogue to make more elegant use of available screen real-estate.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help SearchBug-fixCured an issue that could potentially cause errors on search with >1000 results - now limited and user-feedback added.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13ChatterFeatureEnhanced the Help Portal to include Chatter collaboration on Help Topics for Authors.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help PortalFeatureEnhanced Help Topic 'Edit' and 'New' overrides to open the Help Portal in the appropriate mode.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help PortalBug-fixCured issues causing 'orphan' Related Help Topic records to persist after the relevant Help Topic(s) had been deleted.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help CalloutsBug-fixCured bugs that were causing Help Callouts to appear repeatedly when already open in certain circumstances.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesStylingEnhanced presentation of available steps when viewing the step listing on a guided page featuring in a 'non-linear' Guide, to give visual clues about the active step as well as those which have already been visited.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesFeatureAdded a 'Show Callout' option for Help Topics featuring in Guides to control whether or not to display the relevant Helped Element's help callout as Manual Guide Steps are launched.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesFeatureEnhanced Guides screen furniture to feature improved visuals, tooltips and user feedback messages.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Help AuthoringFeatureExtended the range of Salesforce 'utility' pages that can be help enabled, such as Lead Conversion and Record Type Selection.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesFeatureEnhanced Guides business logic to record accurately the sizing and position the user has selected for Guide and Guide Step windows: recorded values are used to position these windows each time a user opens a Guide.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesFeatureEnhanced Guide Step Prompt with improved visual appearance and 'Linear' Guide mode navigation.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesBug-fixCured issues with Guide Step Prompt messages that were causing errors when non-alphanumeric characters were encountered.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesBug-fixCured issues in Permission Sets that were preventing Helped Users from being able to view Guides in certain circumstances.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesBug-fixFixed bugs that were causing Guides to lose synchronisation between 'Guide' and 'Step' windows. Improved synch-loss error handling and visual cues for Authors.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13DocumentationFeatureAdded visual clues to the Documentation tab of the Global Settings page to advise Administrators whether the current release's standard help materials have been installed and, if so, the date on which this was done.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13DialoguesFeatureEnhanced the Reading List Properties dialogue to improve and streamline the editing experience, with simplified navigation between list creation, editing and entries management, as well as enhanced visual clues for mandatory fields.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Data-driven HelpFeatureAdded a 'Data-driven Filter' field to Helped Elements to allow Authors to control Help availability on the basis of field values in the record being viewed.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Embedded Help MappingFeatureAdded 'View Helped Elements' tool to Help Portal toolbar - allowing Authors to list Helped Elements that reference the current Help Topic, maintain these records and, if desired, view them in place in the helped Salesforce page.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Embedded Help MappingFeatureAdded Helped Page 'Re-configure' mode and Helped Element Maintenance dialogue to ease management of Helped Elements and their mapping to related Help Topics.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Settings: Help TopicBug-fixCured an issue that was preventing the default Help Callout template's height being correctly reflected on newly created Help Topics.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Settings: GeneralFeatureAdded a 'Commenting Permitted' flag to Helped Page Layouts to allow Administrators to specify whether or not comments will be accepted for particular Salesforce pages: a new Global Setting allows Administrators to control the default permission for new Layouts.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Service CloudFeatureExtended Improved Help to allow use via the Salesforce Service Cloud Console. Help Callouts, the Help Portal and the Quick Access Menu can all now be made available to Console users.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Reading ListsFeatureAdded features on the 'Reading Lists' tab of the Global Settings page to allow Adminstrators to control the visibility of the next / previous entry icons displayed as part of Reading List navigation tools.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Reading ListsBug-fixCured issues that could cause the Reading List Viewer page to display incorrectly when used by someone without access to the Help Topic Entries in a given Reading List. In these circumstances, the viewer now advises the user that there are no Entries available to them.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Quick Access MenuStylingEnhanced Quick Access Menu styling to give stronger visual clues as to the selected Mode.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13Quick Access MenuFeatureEnhanced the Quick Access Menu to display the 'Guides' link only where Guides exist for the current page.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13PermissionsFeatureEnhanced Improved Help's permissions model to be based on hierarchic rights: a Help Administrator now inherrits the rights of a Help Author, who in turn inherrits the rights of a Help Analyst. So, each Improved Help user now requires only a single Permission Set.
Version 1.1614-Oct-13GuidesFeatureAdded support for 'Linear' Guide mode, whereby users must complete a set of Manual Steps in order.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Subscription ManagementFeatureAdded a link from the Help Settings Subscription tab to request an Improved Help Subscription for the org.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Quick Access MenuFeatureAmended Quick Access Menu to auto-close when any option in it is clicked.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help CalloutsFeatureAdded global settings to allow Administrators to define Callout closure behaviour (close on 2nd click of Helped Element, on mouse out of help callout or both).
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help CalloutsBug-fixExtended help-enabling capabilities to include 'Go' buttons next to Salesforce list view selectors.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13DialoguesBug-fixFixed bug that could cause dialogues to disappear when help Callouts were invoked and vice versa.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13OtherFeatureAdded Help Topic "Visibility" field to facilitate use of standard Salesforce data sharing rules to manage Help Domains.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help CalloutsBug-fixFixed bug that was creating issues with callout closure using Helped Element 2nd click in certain circumstances.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help AuthoringFeatureExtended help enabling capabilities to include standard / custom buttons and custom links.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help CalloutsBug-fixFixed help-enabling / Callout invocation bug where Salesforce help is present.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13OtherFeatureReviewed & intercepted principal Salesforce error-messages that reach Helped Users, replacing technical information with plain English.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Settings: GeneralBug-fixRefined 'Initialise Settings' behaviour to handle bugs that could arise in upgrade situations where new global settings have been added.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help SearchFeatureEnhanced Help Search to support standard Salesforce search wildcards - "*" (multiple character) and "?" (single character).
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Quick Access MenuFeatureAdded features to access available Guides for the current page.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Reading ListsFeatureRemoved 'required' flag on Reading List Summary field.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help PortalFeatureAmended the Help Topic toolbar to show the Standard Salesforce Help icon for Helped Users only if a link has been set.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help PortalFeatureAmended the Help Topic toolbar to disable all tools (apart from the edit mode toggle button) when in Topic editing mode.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13ReportingFeatureAdded the 'My Inactive Help Topics with Interactions' report.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13ReportingFeatureAdded Topic & Reading List History drill-through reports, with links from Help Portal's Help Topic toolbar and Reading List Properties page.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help CalloutsStylingAmended Callout Templates to handle overly long Help Topic Name / Summary by truncating to an ellipsis.
Version 1.1519-Jul-13Help AuthoringFeatureExtended help-enabling mode to support Salesforce record edit mode.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Quick Access MenuBug-fixFixed Quick Access Menu size / layering from obscuring List view Help for this page link.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Settings: Quick-LinksFeatureAdded Help Quick-link validation.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Settings: DocumentationFeatureAdded Documentation pane and import utilities.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13DocumentationFeatureSupplied an initial set of Help for Improved Help (available via Documentation initialisation).
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Data ManagementFeatureAdded utility for Help Administrators to bulk-import Help content via XML.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13DialoguesStylingEnhanced styling to unify look, feel & behaviour across Dialogues.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help CalloutsBug-fixFixed Reading List Gallery Callout width calculation to stop occasional wrapping of gallery.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13BookmarksBug-fixPrevented creation of duplicate Bookmarks of the same Help Topic.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Analyse ModeBug-fixFixed support for Helped Element labels with extended (non-alphanumeric) characters.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13OtherFeatureAdded progress indications to show when application is waiting for a response from Salesforce.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help SearchBug-fixFixed Firefox to flag unsaved changes when attempting to navigate from Help Portal page.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Reading ListsStylingMinor styling adjustments to improve date-picker access and layout when opened as a full window, from outside Improved Help.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Reading ListsBug-fixFixed Reading List code to avoid 'too many SOQL queries' errors.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Reading ListsBug-fixFixed Cancel button from throwing errors when cancelling New Reading List if required fields are blank.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Settings: GeneralStylingVarious minor styling refinements.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Quick Access MenuBug-fixFixed Help Settings link visibility for Help Administrators in help View Mode.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13InteractionsFeatureBased on Customer feedback, changed Comment Submission feedback to an alert-box.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help TopicsFeatureAdded support for images embedded into rich-text Description field as Help Topic Attachments.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help TopicsFeatureAdded new error message to advise viewing user if the current / required Help Topic is currently Inactive (and visible only to Help Authors & Administrators).
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help PortalBug-fixFixed inability to delete Help Topic with missing required fields.
Version 1.1430-Apr-13Help PortalBug-fixFixed resetting of Help Topic video / image to prevent redirections in Help Topic panel.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsFeatureAdded ability to suppress 'Read More' link for end users. A new setting on each Help Topic on the 'Status' tab controls this. Defaults to the value selected in Global settings for new Help Topics.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsBug-fixFixed Firefox on Windows causing 'Tail' artefacts in some callout speech bubbles.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help PortalBug-fixFixed missing icon in Related Help Resources panel for Web-page resources.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsFeatureAmended Topic editing code to inherit callout height from Template records. You can now adjust callout templates more easily based on your content (using callout height in the related Help Topic) to adjust accordingly.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsFeatureAdded new 'Text Only' callout template.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsStylingReading List' callout type adjusted to handle images and videos better. Improved alignment and sizing dependant on the size of images chosen.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13BookmarksFeatureChanged Bookmark sharing to 'Private'. Customers may choose to change this, but feedback was to have this private on install.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13ReportingFeatureAdded a new Dashboard component to the 'Improved Help - Content Analysis Dashboard' to show any broken links between Help Topics.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13ReportingBug-fixFixed Help Portal Analysis icon to open a new window, ensuring context is maintained.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Analyse ModeStylingChanged page background colour to highlight entry to analysis mode.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Analyse ModeFeatureExtended Analysis Mode to include all Helped Element types (previously limited to Field Help).
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help CalloutsBug-fixFixed Firefox-specific padding issue in 'Summary' callouts.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13DialoguesBug-fixFixed Bookmark Dialogue to prevent Chatter image bleed through when Chatter is enabled.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13DialoguesBug-fixFixed New Reading List with a 'Featured Date' set in the past from throwing errors.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Settings: Help TopicFeatureAdded height before scrolling option and a button to mass-update all Help Topics for consistency. Default height for new Help Topics may be set at the template level.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Settings: Help TopicFeatureAdded a Link to Callout Templates, to obviate the need for a Tab for this object.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Reading ListsBug-fixFixed issue when adding Help Topics to a Reading List with an expired 'Feature Until Date'.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Settings: Help TopicFeatureAdded Callout Width (%) global setting, so you may now choose how wide the non-inline callout types are as a percentage of page width.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Settings: BrandingFeatureAdded Helped Element tooltip branding text to control the tip shown when users hover over Improved Help icons.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help AuthoringBug-fixAmeded Quick Access Menu to hide 'Comment' option on pages that have not been Help enabled.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help AuthoringBug-fixFixed custom object name case-insensitivity, which caused strange Helped Page Layout record naming.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help AuthoringBug-fixFixed Internet Explorer v8 on windows issue that was preventing save after choosing fields to Help enable.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help PortalBug-fixFixed intermittent errors on change of image or video dimensions. 'Reset Media' button added on both Image and Video edit tabs to expedite clearing of any existing media in that Help Topic.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help PortalFeatureAmended Help Topic defaults to set Video default Height & Width to zero if not used to save Help Author time.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Help PortalFeatureAdded validation logic to ensure Preferred Media Choice (Image or Video) is correctly chosen if only one type of media exists and the Help Author has requested the other for the 'Details' Callout.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13InteractionsFeatureAdded Help Resource Interaction tracking to Related Resources clicked from a 'Help Resources' callout.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13InteractionsFeatureAdjusted the 'Comments' dialogue based on customer feedback. We still think this needs a little more work so open to feedback here.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Quick Access MenuFeatureAmended Quick Access Menu to hide the 'Help Home' link if there is no default Help Topic defined in Global Settings: Help Topic Options Tab.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Reading ListsStylingMade minor adjustments to padding on navigation.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Reading ListsFeatureEnhanced management facilities for Reading List entries to allow you to link to the Help Topic directly. Help Users & Help Analysts also have a new way to see related Help Topics in a Reading List from the Reading List properties view.
Version 1.1312-Mar-13Settings: Help TopicFeatureAdded 'Show Read More Links?' global setting for new Help Topics. Some customers like to prevent users from clicking the 'Read More' link from a callout and this may now be specified as the default Topic behaviour.
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