Reading Lists

Create virtual Help Documents & Presentations

Improved Help Reading Lists are ordered lists of Help Topics:

  • Linear: Describe processes or procedures – lists with a formal Reading Order (like numbered ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’… bullet-points);
  • Non-linear: Collections or ‘play-books’, where Reading Order is less important (like regular ‘•’  bullet-points) but might be used to rank entries in some way – alphabetically or perhaps competitors by size.

Embed Reading List Galleries into Salesforce Pages

Help Authors can use a Reading List Gallery callout to provide embedded help with a process or play-book context directly within a Salesforce page. Callout Template - Reading List Gallery

Reading Lists in the Enterprise Help Portal

The Enterprise Help Portal has a Reading Lists panel, which lists those Reading Lists:

  • Featured: by a Help Author – to become ‘sticky’ and float to the top of the Reading List Panel;
  • Containing the current Help Topic: being viewed in the Help Portal’s Help Topic panel.

Each Reading list in the panel has the same layout:

  • Help Portal Reading Lists PanelPop-out icon: Allows the Reading List to be popped-out into a stand-alone view in a new page – for use as a reference;
  • Reading List Name: Describes the record – a click opens the Reading List Properties dialogue;
  • List Navigation: Move back & forth through the list using the arrows, or jump direct to specific Entries – to refocus the Help Portal’s Help Topic panel. Hover on any Entry to get Summary information before navigation.

Need to Walk Through a Process? Use Help Guides!

If a Reading List describes a process or procedure involving specific Salesforce pages – make it interactive. Convert it into a Help Guide.

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