Quick Access Menu

Helped pages have a Quick Access Menu, providing tools & features by Improved Help User Type:

Helped Users – Access Help Content and Features

Quick Access Menu: Helped UserTools for all Improved Help Users:

  • Help Home: Opens the Enterprise Help Portal;
  • Search Help: Opens a Help search dialogue;
  • My Bookmarks: Opens a list of Help Topics I’ve saved for reference;
  • Comment: Opens a feedback dialogue – so I can request / suggest help for a specific field;
  • Guides: Opens a list of available Help Guides for the current page.

Help Analyst – In-page Statistics & More…

Quick Access Menu: Help Analyst

Help Analysts enjoy all Helped User features, plus additional page modes:

  • View: as a Helped User;
  • Analyse: Access Help Analyst features – view in-page statistics & charts and drill-through to analysis reports on users’ Interactions with helped elements.

The current mode is highlighted in the menu (and page background when the menu is closed).



Help Author – In Situ Tools for Creating & Refining Help

Quick Access Menu: Help Author

Help Authors enjoy all Help Analyst features, plus additional authoring page modes:

  • Help-Enable: Select/de-seselect in-page elements to be help-enabled;
  • Re-configure: Manage of Helped Elements and their related Help Topics – especially useful for managing Data-Driven Help and Help Domains.






Help Administrator – Global Help Settings

Quick Access Menu: Help Administrator

Help Administrators enjoy all Help Authors features, plus access to Help Settings – to set application-wide parameters & options.









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