Enterprise-class Mobile Help – a world first!

Salesforce1 Improved Help is the first solution to deliver rich media, context-sensitive mobile help – providing help on the move and access to:

  • Enterprise documentation;
  • Training materials;
  • Custom context aware application help.

Included as standard in all Improved Help Editions!

Salesforce1: Improved Help Overview


Context-sensitive help from any record

The dedicated Salesforce1 Improved Help ‘Publisher Action’ means mobile users are just two touches away from targeted help.

Help for THIS page – filtered YOUR way

The Salesforce1 Improved Help Quick Access Menu provides direct access to all custom help available for this (page (Opportunity help shown here).

Salesforce1 Quick Access Menu Field Help List

Icon Help List Salesforce1Help List Filter

You decide to show help for this (Opportunity) page, fields, buttons, links or lists.

Icon Bookmarks Salesforce1Show My Help Bookmarks

Immediate access to your favourite help content.

Icon Quick Link Salesforce1Show Global Help Quick-Links

Signposting to enterprise help & documentation sites.

Icon Search Salesforce1Search Help Content

Search for application help, training materials, glossary terms, industry jargon…

Icon Show List Details Salesforce1Toggle Enhanced / Compact List View Mode

Show help list details for quick reminders of definitions…

Salesforce1 Enhanced List View

…or hide details to scroll longer lists

Salesforce1 Compact List View

Icon Help Home Salesforce1Your Enterprise Help Portal home page

Access your enterprise help portal home page from your mobile device…

Targeted, context-sensitive, rich-media help content

Salesforce1 example Help Topic - Close Date

Icon Help Topic Salesforce1Help Topic Details

View rich-content, including embedded image and/or video.

Icon Related Help Topic Salesforce1View Related Help Topics

‘See also’ directly relevant help content for further information or context, as selected by the Help Author of the current help topic.

Icon Reading List Salesforce1Reading Lists for process-level help

Access reading lists describing processes, procedures, methodologies, play-books…

Icon Help Resource Salesforce1Go to ‘signposted’ non-salesforce help resources

Access Help Resources external to Improved Help, with context-specific usage notes related to the current Help Topic – such as ‘See slides 14-16 (of this presentation)’ or ‘Read page 126 (of this document)’…

Icon Bookmark Add Salesforce1Bookmark / Un-bookmark this Help Topic

Save this help content in my personal bookmark list for future reference.

 Setup Salesforce1 Improved Help in under 10 minutes!

Your system administrator can setup Salesforce1 Improved Help for your mobile users in just two simple steps.

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