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Unearth Hidden ‘Gems’ in Existing Help Resources

The problem with current help force your salesforce users along a difficult and often tortuous help journey to seek out those key ‘gold nuggets’ of information that may be buried deep within some or other existing documents, presentations, intranet pages. Now these hidden gems can be brought into the light!

All it takes is a little context-sensitive signposting for 1-click access…

What and Where are ‘Help Resources’?

Help content outside the native Salesforce world of Improved Help are accessed as Help Resources…

Improved Help Resource Icon - Document Documents: PDF, Office…
Improved Help Resource Icon - Video Video: YouTube, Vimeo, Server…
Improved Help Resource Icon - Web page Web pages: Intranet, DMS, LMS, Salesforce Help & Training Portal, external web sites…

Signpost Links to Help Resources – in Context

Improved Help allows Help Authors to manage external non-Salesforce Help Resources and then link to these from specific Help Topics – with vital context-setting Usage Notes, for example:

  • Document: Read page 47, paragraphs 3 & 4;
  • Presentation: See slides 23-25;
  • Video: View from 1 hour 32 minutes to 1 hour 38 minutes;
  • Web page: Salesforce standard Help for Accounts is relevant here – but for ‘Accounts’, read ‘Companies’…

Direct Access from your Enterprise Help Portal

The Enterprise Help Portal’s Related Resources panel lists all external Help Resources that the help author has linked to the current Help Topic – and therefore any task in hand that the Help Topic seeks to address.

Help Portal Related Help ResourcesPanel

Embed Help Resources in Your Salesforce Pages

Help Authors can push this signposting to relevant external Help Resources directly into the point of need in Salesforce pages – by simply applying the Related Resources Callout Template to the embedded Help Topic.

Related Resources Callout

Learn about Authoring Help Resources.

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