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The enterprise help portal allows help authors to create context-sensitive views of help and training content, centred on specific help topics.Enterprise Help Portal

A help topic can be anything of interest to the organisation – such as a business term, policy, function, process, procedure, application, location, team, acronym… – they can also be either:

  • Independent of specific Salesforce applications & pages;
  • Linked to specific embedded help summarised in callouts in Salesforce pages – providing a ‘read more…’ capability.


Portal Header Panel

Provides access to global Improved Help features and Helped User tools:

Help Topic Toolbar

Tools visible for Helped Users (All Improved Help Users):

  • Salesforce Home: returns to your Salesforce Home page;
  • Help Home: returns to the Help Portal home page;
  • Add/Remove Bookmark: for this Help Topic in your Help Bookmarks list;
  • Printable view: See the Help Topic in isolation, without related help content & potentially print a hard copy. (We recommend against this as printing wastes resources and any hard-copy is immediately at risk of obsolescence. So, the Help Administrator can create a suitable message in Help Settings);
  • Comment: on this Help Topic – provide feedback to contribute to continuous improvement of further Improved Help;

Help Topic Toolbar in Enterprose Help Portal

Additional Tools for Help Analysts:

  • Stats: for this Help Topic – opens an Interaction report, providing essential feedback on the use of this Help Topic, in both Callout and Help Portal views, together with any Comments users have left as feedback.

Additional Tools for Help Authors & Help Administrators:

  • Helped Elements: View a list of the Helped Elements that reference the current Topic;
  • Tab: Go to the Help Topics tab view;
  • Clone: Creates a copy or copies of the current Help Topic, with or without its Relationships;
  • New: Creates a new draft Help Topic;
  • Edit: opens/closes the Help Topic editor panel (see Editing Help Topics, below) ;
  • Delete: this Help Topic;
  • Add to Reading List: Search for an existing Reading List or create a new one including this Help Topic as its first Reading List Entry;
  • History: Opens a Help Topic History report, to see who has changed what and when – vital for help improvement and provides an audit trail for any compliance management needs;
  • Salesforce Help: Shown here as unavailable, meaning no Salesforce Help link has been set for this Help Topic;

Help Topic Details & Templates

The Help Portal displays Topics in their selected ‘Full Topic’ Templates. The following template choices, coupled with the option to omit Description, Image or Video component provides a wide range of layout options for Help Authors ‘out of the box’ or you may choose to develop your own custom templates:

Help Topic Full Template: Image, Text & Video

Image Banner above Text & Video: a single column layout comprising rows with Summary, Image, Description, Video.

Help Topic Full Template: Media above text

Image / Video above Text: a single column layout comprising rows with Summary, Image / Video, Description.

Help Topic Full Template: Media Below Text

Image / Video below Text: a single column layout comprising rows with Summary, Description, Image / Video.

Help Topic Full Template: Media Left

Image / Video left of Text: a two-column layout with media elements left & Description right.

Help Topic Full Template: Media Right

Image / Video right of Text: a two-column layout with Description left & media right.

Related Help Topics – ‘See Also’ Help Content

Help Authors can link a Help Topic to any number of Related Help Topics – to provide further information, in context.

Reading Lists – Create ‘Documents’ & ‘Presentations’

Reading Lists allow Help Authors to construct ordered lists of Help Topics – to create virtual online documents & presentations to explain processes, procedures and ‘play-books’.

Link to Related External Help Resources

Lists external Help Resources linked to the current Help Topic, with a clickable link, Resource type & location, plus Help Topic-specific Usage Notes to provide context.

Chatter about Help Topics

Help Authors can Chatter About Improved Help to collaborate on Improved Help content evolution from within the Enterprise Help Portal.

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