Embedded Help: Right At the User’s Point of Need

Provide your custom help and training content – as embedded help – directly within your users’ salesforce pages…

Custom Help for…
Standard Help
Improved Help
Field Labels Limited Yes
Record Detail Section Label No Yes
Help for this Page Link No Yes
Buttons No Yes
Custom Links No Yes
Related List Label No Yes
Related List Object No Yes
Related List Column Labels No Yes

Clicking the Helped Element icon next to a Helped Element opens a Help Topic Callout, in a variety of Callout Templates…

Deliver ‘One-liner’ Definitions Plus ‘Read More…’

Where a simple definition is all that’s required to understand the role or context of a field or other page element, a simple ‘Summary-Only’ callout template excels – and if needed, its ‘click to read more’ capability means the Enterprise Help Portal and related help content is just a click away…

Callout Summary Only

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words – and Video…?

Where users are likely to require more information, a ‘Help Topic Details’ callout template can embed rich-text, plus an image or video – and the option to ‘Read more…’ remains, if needed.

Callout - Help Topic Details

Provide Process / Play-Book Context

Sometimes the most useful embedded help is to place the current page element in context within a process – such as a sales process – or a set of options – such as competitor information. Here, a reading list gallery callout template can set the scene – and, if needed, allow the user to access the Enterprise Help Portal from any Help Topic in the gallery…

Callout Template - Reading List Gallery

Signpost to Specific Content in Help Resources

Where the most useful content resides outside of Salesforce in remote Help Resources – documents, presentations, videos or web pages – specific content can be signposted with context-specific usage notes, to guide the user through to the ‘gold nuggets’ of relevant content that would otherwise be hidden or take considerable effort to find and assess.

Related Resources Callout

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