Interactive Help Guides – The Dos & Don’ts…

“Always remember that less is MORE!”

Help Guides provide help to your users in the best way possible, with step by step interactive Guides and Playbooks, allowing you to:

  • Manage and group help & training content with ease

  • Create cohesive learning and training paths within your apps!

  • Manage all your Salesforce onboarding & training needs with a reduction in maintenance

See how easy it is to create an interactive guide, read this article and watch the video below which shows you a simple example of creating a guide from scratch.

Creating Guides…Dos

Below is a small list of good things to do or to keep in mind as you create Guides to fast track your learning and deliver your Help Guides.

  • Keep your guides simple, until you increase your knowledge
  • Think about the end user – Whats this step mean to them!
  • Each step should offer a clear and concise message
  • Provide simple ‘Hints and Tips’
  • Explain why each step is important to the user or the business to get right
  • Navigate to the place you want to guide your users before going into ‘Guide-Enable’ mode
  • Try and keep the number of steps in a guide to 7 (plus or minus 2!)

The below video walks you through creating a very simple guide…

and Don’ts

Through many many workshops with our customers, we’ve compiled this short list below of things to avoid if you can.

  • Don’t try and use every feature in every guide, it will only confuse your users
  • Don’t start by trying to create multi-page guides
  • Don’t forget you have a choice of linear or non-linear guides, try them out!
  • Don’t forget to test, test, test from a typical users profile! Login as an end user and test!
  • Don’t forget context is key, so no need for screenshots etc which only require maintenance!
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