Help Domains

Need Conditional Help for Different Users?


Use Help Domains to provide alternative help and training content to different groups of users – on shared fields, buttons, links and related lists.


Consider an example helped field label with embedded help in a ‘Summary-Only’ Help Topic Callout:


  • An Internal User might see…


Help Domains - Internal User experience



  • A Partner Portal User might see – for the same field…


Help Domains - Portal User experience

Usage Scenarios

Example Help Domain arrangements to segregate help & training content across:

  • Organisational boundaries: Internal vs. Partner users;
  • Partner types: Gold/Silver/Bronze levels;
  • User Types: Sales, Engineering & Finance teams;
  • Geographies: Regions, legislations, languages…

Use the simplicity and power of Improved Help Topic Visibility and Salesforce Sharing Rules to deliver alternate help – for the same Salesforce fields – to different groups of users by Salesforce Profile, Role…


Learn about how easily an administrator can Setup: Help Domains.


Help Domains control visibility based on the current viewing user. If you (also) need to manage visibility by current viewed record data – to perhaps provide different help for different stages of the sales cycle – see Data-Driven Help.

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