Data-Driven Help

Need Conditional Help Based on Salesforce Record Criteria?

Switch or filter help & training content based on Salesforce record data values with data-driven Improved Help.

For example, deliver embedded sales methodology support with different help & training content as opportunities progress through the sales process:

  • Qualification: During initial opportunity qualification, embedded help might be concerned with selecting the appropriate sales process and qualifying the account & opportunity…Data-Driven Help - Sales Process Help
  • Bid Management: Once an opportunity is qualified and the decision to bid has been made, the Opportunity Stage field might be set to Value Proposition or similar. Data-driven help criteria might then switch embedded help to focus on proposal management…Data-Driven Help - Bid Process Help

This is a simple example – in reality, most sales methodologies would provide more granular support for sales process stages. So, after any proposal is delivered and the sales process focus (and Stage) changes to refinement & negotiation and contracting, alternative data-driven help would be provided.

Conditionally Show, Hide or Switch Help – it’s your call

The help author can derive data-driven visibility criteria from any fields in the page object – to:

  • Show help that is normally hidden: thereby providing help for exception conditions;
  • Hide help that is normally visible: thereby hiding help which is no longer relevant and/or could cause confusion;
  • Switch between alternative help content: toggling between 2 or more Help Topics for different situations.

Multiple Criteria? No Problem for Improved Help

When data-driven help is used on a Salesforce page element – such as a field – Improved Help manages multiple Helped Element records related to the field – one for each data-driven visibility rule and the relevant linked Help Topic.

So, in the above example, Opportunity Stage field would have two records

Data-Driven Help - Opportunity Stage Example

Here we have used Opportunity Stage value to switch help for Opportunity Stage, but the same criteria could also control help visibility for other fields, such as Next Steps, to provide more comprehensive sales process / methodology help.

Evolving this one more level, other data, such as Opportunity Record Type, could drive alternative Sales Processes, each with alternative Help Topics for common fields. So the sales process for:

  • Large Enterprise Field Sales: New-Name, Large Enterprise Opportunities could apply a different methodology compared to…;
  • Telesales renewals: SME Renewal opportunities…

…even where both processes used the same Opportunity fields!

Need to Filter Help by Record Data and/or User?

Data-Driven help controls visibility based on current viewed record data. If you (also) need to manage visibility by the current viewing user – to perhaps provide different help content to internal staff and users of your Salesforce Portal Apps, see how Help Domains can be used to enable help visibility through standard Salesforce Data Sharing Rules.

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