Creating: Reading Lists

Improved Help Users with Author permissions can create and edit Reading Lists from the Enterprise Help Portal’s Reading List Panel.

Create New Reading List

The easiest way to create a new Reading List is form the Enterprise Help Portal‘s Reading List Panel…Reading Lists - New

Clicking the Add icon opens the Reading List Properties dialogue on a new record. To edit an existing Reading List, click its name in the Enterprise Portal’s Reading List Panel.

Manage Reading List Properties

Reading List Properties - Edit
The following Reading List fields are editable by Help Authors and Help Administrators:

  • Name: Descriptive name that will appear in listings etc.
  • Summary: brief summary definition of the Reading List – visible for Helped Users;
  • Type: Reading List or type of Help Guide;
  • Visibility: Tag that can be used with data sharing rules to control Reading List availability. The Visibility field is not used by Improved Help itself, but Organisations can choose to create data sharing rules based on the setting of the Visibility field to filter the records seen by different groups of Users.
  • Featured Until: optional date field to highlight the Reading List in the Help Portal;
  • Status: Optional Reading List (/ Guide) lifecycle management tracking for process management.
  • Active: Check this box to allow all users to see this Reading List. Inactive Reading Lists are not listed in the Portal when logged in as a Helped User.
  • Description: detailed rich-text definition of the Reading List – Visible for Helped Users;

Manage Reading List EntriesReading List Entries Tab

The Reading List Properties dialogue Entries tab allows Help Authors & Help Administrators to:

  • Link to a Help Topic: thereby adding a Reading List Entries – with options to search for an existing Help Topic or create a new record on the fly;
  • Unlink a Help Topic: thereby deleting the Reading List Entry (but the Help Topic remains);
  • Reorder Reading List Entries: with move-up/down arrows.

We recommend that the first Help Topic in a Reading List is used as its overview as this first Help Topic is returned in any Reading List Search.

Add New Reading List Entries

New or existing Help Topics can be added to Reading Lists as Reading List Entries.Reading List Entries - Search or New


Add an existing Help Topic:

  • Search for Help Topic;
  • Click the Link icon to append to the Reading List, as a new Reading List Entry.

Add New Help Topic:

  • Add Help Topic Name and Summary;
  • Click the ‘+’ icon to add the new (draft) Help Topic to the Reading List, as a new Reading List Entry.
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