Creating: Help-Enabling Pages

Go to the Page You Want to Help-Enable

Standard Salesforce pages are Help-Enabled in a special page mode available to Help Authors, from the Improved Help Help Quick Access Menu.

Quick Access Menu - Select Help-Enable Mode

1. Switch the Page to Help-Enable Mode

The Page will enter Help-Enable mode and you will see a different background and visual cues for the Improved Help status for page elements.Help-Enable Mode - Helpable Elements

2. Select Page Elements to Help-Enable (or ‘Un-Help’)

Visual cues identify the Help-Enabling state of page elements:

  • Helpable: Any page elements that can be help-enabled – but have not been;
  • To be Helped: Page elements to be registered in Improved Help;
  • Helped Element icon Helped: Page elements already registered in Improved Help;
  • To be Un-Helped: Registered page elements to be dropped from Improved Help;
  • Helped Element Issue: There is a problem with the Helped Element record

Click any page Elements to be Helped (or un-Helped).

3. Revert to View Mode to Register your Changes

Click View mode from the Quick Access Menu to leave Help-Enable mode. On doing so, a dialogue opens allowing you to cancel any changes that you had not intended and to confirm your new Helped Elements:

Help-Enable Mode - Confirmation Dialogue Example


  • Helped Elements to be created: Leave the confirmation box ticked to create a new Helped Element record and, normally, create a new paired Help Topic. Sometimes, you might want to re-use an existing Help Topic – see below;
  • Helped Elements to be Deleted: Leave the confirmation box ticked to delete the listed Helped Element record. If this is the only Element referencing a specific Help Topic, you also get the option to delete the latter: you are free to retain it if you wish to use it elsewhere in your Enterprise Help Portal.
  • Note that when Helped Elements are first created for a given page, a Helped Page Layout record is automatically created.

3a. Re-using Existing Help Topics

Every Helped Element is paired with a Help Topic which will open in a Callout when the Element is clicked. Generally, you would create new Help Topics for each new Helped Element – and Improved Help does this for you automatically when you save your Help-Enable mode changes in the above confirmation dialogue.

However, there may be times when you want to re-use an existing Help Topic for a helped Element, for example, help for a ‘Phone’ field might be used for Phone fields on several pages. The Conformation Dialogue provides against every Helped Element being created a text box to facilitate this kind of Topic re-use.

Help-Enable Mode - Map to Existing Help Topic

If you know the Help Topic you can simply copy & paste the Salesforce ID from it’s page address into the Help Topic ID box or:

  1. Click the spyglass icon to search for an existing Help Topic
  2. Search for the Help Topic by name;
  3. Click the link icon to pass the Help Topic ID back to the Help Topic ID field in the Confirmation Dialogue. (Internet Explorer doesn’t support this automatic message, so simply a) click the Help Topic ID link under the link icon, which will place it in your clipboard and b) paste this into the Confirmation Dialogue field.
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