Creating: Data-Driven Help

Data Driven Help allows you to make different content available to different sets of Users. We recommend the following simple steps:

1. Define Your Record Criteria

It’s worth spending a few minutes to list or sketch-out the different conditions you want to help – for a specific process or use case – and the data-driven criteria involved.

For this simple worked-example, we will use the following scenario – to switch from general Sales Process help to more specific Bid Process help on the Opportunity Stage Field when its value is Value Proposition.

Data-Driven Help - Opportunity Stage Example

This simple scenario covers how to:

  • Hide help that is normally visible: Sales Process Help on the Opportunity Stage field;
  • Reveal Help that is normally hidden: Bid Process Help on the Opportunity Stage Field.

2. Create Help Topics for Each Condition

Prepare new (or identify existing) Help Topics that will map onto each Data-Driven condition.

For our simple example, this means two help topics:

  • General Sales Process Help Topic;
  • Specific Bid Process Help Topic.

See Create: Help Topics for more details.

3. Create Condition-1 Helped Element Record

The above example needs two Helped Element records to be related to the Opportunity Stage Field page element for the:

  • Special condition where Stage = Value Proposition and;
  • General condition where Stage ≠ Value Proposition.

Assuming the Stage field is not currently helped, the easiest way to create this pair of records is to use Improved Help’s “Reconfigure” mode:

Quick Access Menu - Reconfigure Mode

The steps are as follows:

  • Help-Enable the Opportunity page – to add a Helped Element record to the Stage field for the first condition – and map this to the existing Sales Process Help Topic and then…;
  • Enter Reconfigure mode to…
  • Set the Data-driven Filter criteria for the first Helped Element record and Save.

Data-Driven Help - Opportunity Stage Field not Value Proposition

4. Create Condition-2 Helped Element Record

  1. Click the green ‘+’ icon in the Reconfigure mode dialogue to clone the Helped Element record created in the previous step;
  2. Define its Name – leave Type, Layout and Identifier as-is;
  3. Help Topic: Look-up to the Bid Process Help Topic;
  4. Set the Data-Driven Filter as ‘tageName = Value Proposition and Save.

Data-Driven Help - Opportunity Stage Field is Value Proposition

5. Test Your New Conditional Help!

That’s it – you just need to check conditional help visibility against your new Data-Driven record conditions:

  • Opportunity Stage to anything but Value Proposition…Data-Driven Help - Sales Process Help
  • Opportunity Stage = Value Proposition…Data-Driven Help - Bid Process Help
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