How to embed videos in a Help Topic

Improved Help allows you to embed a video from most web streaming services into Help Topics – for use within Help Guide Steps, Help Topics in the Help Portal or Help Topics in Help Callouts.


Our customers report good results from ScreenCast, YouTube and Vimeo


If you open any Help Topic in the Help Portal and enter Edit mode, you will find a ‘Video’ Tab. Options in this tab are as follows:


Video URL : The embedded link address for the video file;
Title : Short heading above video;
Caption : Short summary under video;
Width : Video player width in pixels, which should be managed together with Video Height, to maintain aspect ratio (and minimum usable size of the video player with it’s controls);
Height : Video player height in pixels.


#Top Tip: If you are using YouTube for your video Source then locate the video URL (e.g., paste this into the Video URL field and then adjust it as follows:


  • Keep the ‘‘  (You must make it https! – http will not work in most common browsers)
  • Delete the ‘watch?v=’ bit and add ‘embed/
  • Then take the unique video ID ‘u-PbGtev0bE‘ and add it to the end after ’embed/.
So the final URL you paste into ‘Video URL’ should look like this:
#Note: Please note that Improved Help will automatically add to your URL ‘?wmode=opaque‘ so that it renders properly.


#Top Tip: To test your finished URL, copy it into a browser and go – the browser should open the video in full screen mode ready to play.


#Top Tip: With YouTube there are many additional parameters you can add to your URL (Google’s parameter list), for example if you want a video to play automatically upon opening, simply add the &autoplay=1 to the end of your URL like this:

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