Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: Frequently Asked QuestionsPlease find below a selection of general FAQs… For more specific product-related information please visit the product sections of this knowledge base.

General (7)

Which Salesforce Editions are supported by Improved Apps?

Supported Salesforce Editions

Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard can be used in the following Salesforce editions:

  • Enterprise Edition;
  • Performance Edition;
  • Unlimited Edition.

Improved NoticeBoard can also be run in edition, as it does not access standard Salesforce objects.

Unsupported Salesforce Editions

Improved Apps are not supported in Salesforce Personal Edition, Group Edition or Professional Edition.

Which Salesforce User Interfaces are supported by Improved Apps?

Supported Salesforce User Interfaces


Improved Apps are available across Salesforce user interfaces – Classic (including Portals), Communities, Console, Lightning, Salesforce1 Mobile, Visualforce … and pages beyond the Salesforce platform.

For more information on the recipes available, please see:

IE11 Incompatibility


Improved NoticeBoard – Notice Authors / Publishers

The Problem

A compatibility bug in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) hides the Notice Recipient wizard’s list of available lists when the selection filter is changed from the default ‘Profiles’

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Compatibility bug

The Fix

Add the page Internet Explorer 11’s Compatibility View:

  1. Open Compatibility View Settings from the browser’s options widget;Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Compatibility View
  2. Select and click Add;Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)  Compatibility View - Add
  3. Click Close.Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Compatibility View - Close

The Select Recipients wizard page will be refreshed in compatibility mode and the list of available lists will no longer hide.

What are your Supported Browsers?

Improved Apps supports these browsers.

Browser Comments
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9 & 10 If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend using the latest version. Apply all Microsoft software updates. Note these restrictions.

  • The Compatibility View feature in Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 is not supported.
  • Help Guides do not function properly in IE9. Guides are fine for an alternative ‘Reading List’ view but not the interactive types.
Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version Improved Apps makes every effort to test and support the most recent version of Firefox.
Google Chrome™, most recent stable version Google Chrome applies updates automatically; Improved Apps test against and support the most recent version.
Apple® Safari® version 5.1.x on Mac OS X There are no configuration recommendations for Safari. Apple Safari on iOS is not supported.


Recommendations and Requirements for All Browsers

  • For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and SSL 3.0.
  • Improved Apps recommends a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 for the best possible user experience. Screen resolutions smaller than 1024 x 768 may not display all features so well.


Discontinued or Limited Browser Support

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7 & 8 are not formally supported – please contact us if you must use these.
  • As of January 2013, Improved Apps discontinued support for Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.

Where is the data is stored?

Is it on Salesforce or on a Improved Apps server?

All Improved Apps applications are 100% native, this means that 100% of your data stays in your Salesforce environment (Instances or Orgs) under your control. 

Find out what 100% native means by following this link.

Improved Apps have no servers or infrastructure and our applications make no calls to any external services. From a security point-of-view this makes us very secure.

What is my ORG ID?

Your ORG ID is a unique ID number that identifies your unique instance of salesforce.

To locate your Organisation ID, please login to your org, go to the User Menu (next to the Help and Training link at the top of your home page) and click Setup. Then scroll down the left side to Administration Setup > Company Profile > Company Information.  

You will find the Organisation ID on the right-hand side. It is a 15-character alpha-numeric that looks somewhat similar to: 00WB0000000aBcD.

How to open links in a new window rather than opening a new tab?

There are a number of short cuts available to change the behaviour of web applications, control how you navigate but be aware that some are browser and device specific.

Open link in a new window

Windows: Shift+Click the link or Ctrl+Click / Right-Click the link and from the contextual menu, choose open in new window.

OSX:  Cmd+Click the link or Ctrl+Click / Right-Click the link and from the contextual menu, choose open in new window.

Drag tab to a new Window

Most browsers support the ability to drag any tab out of the current browser window’s tag area – to move that web page to a new window.

Other Useful Shortcuts:

FireFox Short Cuts:

Internet Explorer Short Cuts:

Chrome Short Cuts:

Safari on Mac Short Cuts:

Licensing (3)

Licence Management: Best practice guide

Managing license allocation is a standard approach for a salesforce System Administrator. They must allocate licenses individually, if named user licensing is applied. 

Contact us to discuss ‘site licensing’ (‘org-wide’ in Salesforce terminology) arrangements to discuss this alternative option.

Salesforce Users become Improved NoticeBoard users when they have Improved NoticeBoard Licence and Permissions. Unlike named licences, permissions are set through the standard Salesforce Profile or via Permission Set allocation tools (using the administration interface or mass update tools). 

Also, for permissions, many of our customers use the free application called The Permissioner for allocating permission sets as mass updates.

What do unlicensed users see?

Improved Apps products are only accessible to users who have been allocated a licence – whether individually for Named-User licensing or via a Custom Edition site licensing option.

This means that even if a user has the correct Permissions and Home Page Layout enabled with Improved Apps, removes the Improved Apps features if the user does not have access.

Please contact us if you need further clarification regarding licensing options.

What is the Improved Apps Subscription / License Model?

The Improved Apps subscription model reflects that of, using:

  • Annual Subscriptions: paid in advance;
  • Pricing per-user per-month: based on specific…;
  • Product Editions: plus Custom Edition Options;
  • Multi-Year discounting.

FREE Editions of our products are available 10 users.


Commercial (6)

What on-going support do you offer?

Improved Apps offers standard support packages by product Edition that is included in the predictable monthly subscription – so your company will have access to upgrades and incident management. 

Please call us on +44 (0)1372 617 020 (UK Office hours) or use our online form to contact us and we’ll soon have you flying solo!

How much will it cost – are there maintenance fees?

Improved NoticeBoard and Improved Help are purchased on a predictable monthly subscription basis. They are hosted applications, running 100% in your Salesforce instances on the platform, so there is no reliance on any Improved Apps infrastructure and there are no hidden costs. 

For more information please contact us.

How can Improved Apps help my business?

Improved Apps Drive Salesforce Adoption

That’s it in a nut-shell. Our Improved Apps will enable you to drive new levels of adoption, slash on-boarding times and enhance your overall salesforce user experience. 

We work closely with our customers to ensure their Improved Apps projects deliver value for mutual benefit. 

Our customers see gains in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, as Improved Apps solutions get the right information to the right people at the right time – allowing your users to get on with their task in hand. 

Tap into our Salesforce expertise to give your business the increased efficiency needed to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

Building your Business Case

Our customers report significant return on investment from deploying Improved Help and/or Improved NoticeBoard. Contact us to clarify your business case.

What is the Improved Apps Subscription / License Model?

The Improved Apps subscription model reflects that of, using:

  • Annual Subscriptions: paid in advance;
  • Pricing per-user per-month: based on specific…;
  • Product Editions: plus Custom Edition Options;
  • Multi-Year discounting.

FREE Editions of our products are available 10 users.


Can I try Improved Apps before I invest?

Absolutely!   Not only can you trial our apps, but you can take advantage of our FREE editions too.

Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Improved NoticeBoard can be trialled for free over a 30-day period (10 Users) by clicking here. If you need more users or more time simply get in touch after installation and we can discuss your needs.

Improved Help can be trialled for free over a 30-day period (10 Users) by clicking here fill out the form and include your OrgID where you would like to trial the app and we will send you the link to install and get you going. If you need more time simply get in touch after installation and we can discuss your needs.

As a Salesforce Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner, we can help you make the most out of your trial period by walking you through the set-up process, which we highly recommend taking advantage of. Your trial may only last for 30 days, but we’re here to help you over the long haul. 

Alternatively give us a call today on +44 (0)1372 617020 to help get you started today!

Can I get a demo?

A no obligation Improved Apps demo is a great way to get a grasp on how our applications work.

However, as the Improved Apps team is all about driving adoption, our experts will not only take you through the key features of our applications, we take the time to understand the challenges of your business and explain how to apply Improved Apps features to allow you to gain maximum benefit. 

No two organisations are alike, and we have found this to be the best way to ensure you get everything you need without paying for apps and services that you don’t. We’ve helped all of our customers to optimise their Salesforce environment in this way and we can do the same for you. 

Call our experts today +44(0)1372 617020 to get started! Or click here and fill out the simple form for one of us to get in touch.

Improved Help (3)

Improved Help, My Domains and Communities

Improved Help (from V1.19) includes automatic support for potentially complex ‘My Domains’ and ‘Communities’ address formats.


If you use Improved Help in a Salesforce Org featuring My Domains or Communities, there is a chance that Improved Help may not be able to recognise your domains automatically.


The simple, one-time procedure described below resolves this issue.  To be clear, the recipe below is only relevant where ALL of the following apply:

  • My Domains or Communities are in use in your Salesforce Org.
  • Improved Help is Installed & Initialised: see the Setup: Improved Help Quick Start guide for more details;
  • Help Quick Access Menu is:Quick Access Menu: Administrator
    • Visible on your Help Settings page;
    • Hidden on standard Salesforce pages: with a message in the sidebar advising that Improved Help may require configuration.


If your Org is displaying these symptoms, the following recipe should be deployed:

1. Copy your Org’s Visual Force Address Root

  • Go to your Help Settings page;
  • Copy the page address from the browser’s address bar – up to but not including ‘/apex/IHManageSettings’ (ignore the quotes)


2. Create a new Home Page Component

      • Go into Salesforce Setup area and Search for Home Page Components;
      • Click ‘New’;
      • Select “HTML Area” as the type and name the new component as desired.


My Domains - Custom Home Page Component


      • Click ‘Next’
      • Select ‘Narrow (Left) Column’;
      • If the “Show HTML” tick box is available, ensure it is NOT ticked;
      • In the component contents area, enter address from step 1 between curly brackets with no spaces and no final slash, for example {}
      • Save your changes


3. Position your Home Page Component

  • From the Salesforce Setup area, search for Home Page Layouts;
  • For any Layouts you enabled with the standard Improved Help Links component:
    • Select your newly created component – keeping the Improved Help Links Component selected, too;
    • Order the components so that your new component sits at the botttom of all your other components (nicely out of the way).
  • Click “Save”.


4. Optional: Clear your Browser Cache & Refresh your pages

Sometime your browser may need some help if you are not seeing Improved Help working….Try clearing your browser cache…That’s it! The above recipe should result in Improved Help recognising your Salesforce pages and any Improved Help configuration messages that were appearing in the sidebar should disappear.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us.

Are there any limits on the numbers of Helped Elements that can appear on a Layout?

There are upper limits on the numbers of helped elements that can appear on a given layout. This is because of Salesforce “governors” on the number of Salesforce database (SOQL) queries allowed as a result of any single page request. Whilst adding helped elements themselves is largely unproblematic, each data driven filter (DDF) present will result in an additional query as part of the process of determining whether the current record matches the filter.

Governor limits may vary from Org to Org and page designs can also affect the actual query volumes per request, making it difficult to quote hard and fast limits. We encourage Customers to seek to use the minimum possible DDFs and elements. Where limits are encountered, Improved Help may fail to appear on the affected Layout. In these cases, please reduce the number of DDFs in use.

Where is Improved Help on the AppExchange?

Where does it appear in AppExchange?

As with any other public AppExchange application, you can install Improved Help from our AppExchange listing…

If you’re in the market for a Salesforce app, here are some other things we think you should bear in mind when researching and purchasing on the AppExchange:

  • Make sure the provider is a CERTIFIED SALESFORCE PARTNER, like WE ARE

  • Ensure their solutions are public on the AppExchange and that they have PASSED the rigorous SECURITY REVIEW process. This is certainly something to seriously consider whilst comparing apps as it shows that the company has really invested in doing things right. Not all providers will have had to jump through so many hoops with their solutions!

  • Finally, ensure the app of interest has ‘Aloha’ status, because this way, the solution WILL NOT impact on your Salesforce Org limits – which is another huge plus for you as the buyer/customer.

Certified…Passed Security Review… and Aloha status…all these mean you are dealing with a company that can support you effectively.

If you want to take a look at our solutions, start a trial or leave us a review…here are the links again:

Why do I need a Subscription file?

We use a Subscription file to manage any install into any org – the subscription file is a simple text file stored as a Salesforce Document on the helped Salesforce instance (‘org’) and named with the Org. ID.

Our Quick-Start Guide explains the simple process involved – if you have already installed Improved Help & just need a Subscription file to start evaluating the application, we have a simple form to obtain a trial Subscription.

Improved NoticeBoard (1)

Notice Recipients can’t see embedded images

Notice authors can embed images within the Notice Detail field – which is a regular salesforce rich text area field – but depending on local policies and permissions, that doesn’t guarantee that Notice Recipients will be able to see such embedded images…

Embedding images in salesforce Rich Text Fields

Salesforce help for embedding images into rich fields suggests to click Insert Image and select either:

  • Web Address tab and enter the URL of the image.
  • Upload Image tab and select an image from your localhost.

#Top Tip: We strongly recommend using the Web Address method. This avoids common issues concerning maximum file size and visibility (search the salesforce community sites for lost rich text field images to learn more).

NoticeBoard Recipient considerations

Notice authors often have different policies and permissions to the Recipients of their Notices – within salesforce and elsewhere – so some care is needed ensure that Recipients can see the images used:

  • Recipients must have image visibility: Ensure that your target audience has access to the image you are using – without needing any additional login;
  • Use ‘https’ for secure image URLs: Always prefix secure image URLs with ‘https://‘ as some browsers will refuse to render secure images with the ‘http://…’ prefix.

Use Salesforce Documents for Notice-specific Images

A reliable approach is to use salesforce Documents to house your ‘local’ Notice-specific images – simply:

  1. Upload the image file as a salesforce Document, ensuring it is set to be externally available, within a publicly shared folder;
  2. View the Document and copy its view URL into the Notice rich text field’s Web Address tab.


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