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Managing Critical Communications


Trinity Mirror, with an award winning portfolio of newspapers, websites and digital products, is one of the UK’s largest multimedia companies employing over 5000 people across more than 60 locations around the country.
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A Chat with Ben Heppenstall

What was the problem?

“Push communication via mass emails was proving a distraction, not only for recipients – taking them away from Salesforce as their primary application – but also for publishing teams, who received no confirmation of receipt and understanding or feedback for improving communications. The net result was user error, due to missed or misunderstood messages and high volumes of exceptions requiring follow-up by central teams.”

Trinity Mirror’s Improved Apps Solution

“Trinity Mirror chose the Improved NoticeBoard app to help improve internal communications within our growing Salesforce user community in support of major change programmes and continual improvement.”

Business Benefit for Trinity Mirror

“Once we started using the NoticeBoard app it became very obvious how we could cut through these problems – by introducing a managed communications strategy and some simple processes that improve message quality, reduce, identify and manage exceptions and therefore save time and effort for publishers and recipients alike.


The ability to integrate NoticeBoard with our workflows and approval processes allowed us to develop and control our communications policies, whilst full lifecycle tracking of Notices and the personal Notifications going to each Recipient meant we could track and proactively manage any exceptions.


End-users see the app as an intuitive, integral part of their Salesforce experience, requiring no training – application rollout was completed via two introductory Notices.


Our publishing team NoticeBoards now include central CRM support functions – system updates, sales process improvement and campaign management – and rollout to other central and regional publishing teams is underway.

I highly recommend the NoticeBoard app to anyone looking to streamline their communication processes.”


Ben Heppenstall

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