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"Improved Apps are absolutely best of breed on the AppExchange"- Alek Gokiert, Consulting Services Director Morphate

Sophie Wyard (Improved Apps Marketing Manager) interviews Alek Gokiert from Morphate (An Improved Apps Alliance Partner)


Why did Morphate decide to partner with Improved Apps?

Alek: It was an easy decision… they’re absolutely best of breed on the AppExchange, and we only want the best for our customers. Their 100% native Saleforce apps, Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard are really ahead of the game. They provide the help and training that users need in Salesforce and allow our customers to take control of their critical communications, which until now hasn’t been easy for them to achieve.

What are the benefits of Improved Apps to an organisation using Salesforce?

Alek: Speedy adoption of Salesforce is vital in any organisation, so a cost-effective solution that enables essential help to be embedded in Salesforce, no matter what customizations have been applied is invaluable…And that’s exactly what Improved Help does…Can you imagine, no more searching through lengthy manuals and guides…the help can now populate the fields and objects right where it’s needed. It speeds up onboarding and supports the users throughout their entire engagement with Salesforce.People also have preferred ways of learning and these tools allow the appropriate type of help to be authored and provided. It may be that a training video, some best practice tips or an intuitive step-by-step guide is best suited to help the user through a particular process – Improved Apps allows this rich content to be embedded to speed up learning and free up the user to get on with their job.

What are the particular benefits to Morphate’s Not for Profit market?

Alek: In most cases Not For Profits have limited resources. They need an efficient and cost-effective way to get new users up to speed and comfortable using the Salesforce application. There’s often a large turnover of people on various campaigns – they all need training and support at the point of need and Improved Apps are all about getting the right help, to the right people, at the right time. Also communication is key, so Improved Noticeboard is a brilliant tool that ensures important messages reach their target audience. It’s like a scrolling news banner, so the intended recipient cannot miss the message. It totally eradicates the worry of relying on email, where we all know messages often get lost or ignored.

Do your customers find the tools easy to use?

Alek: Improved Apps are particularly user-friendly – you don’t need to be technically minded, a developer or a system administrator. Our customers often want to adjust the help content – so if they know what they want to say, it’s a very simple process to get that content embedded in their Salesforce application. The learning curve is really not very steep at all.

What are your overall impressions of Improved Apps?

Alek: We are really impressed by the professionalism of Improved Apps, and they’re a really nice bunch too. Unfortunately we don’t get to meet as often as we’d like as we’re opposite sides of the world, but it was great to catch up with them at Dreamforce ’14 and have them join us at our Pre-Dreamforce Event.

It sounds like Morphate are big fans of Improved Apps?

Alek: Totally…the unique qualities and reliability of Improved Apps’ solutions has really enriched our product portfolio, and enhanced the services we provide for our Not for Profit customers, and we’re happy to recommend them to both our client-base and introduce them to potential new partners.


Improved Help was highlighted as one of 6 Game Changing Apps for any Salesforce instance.

“For me these apps are a no brainer and should be included for every single Salesforce instance.”

Peter Chambers, Salesforce MVP, Managing Director of Morphate, a Salesforce Partner
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