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Simon Thompson, SVP Customer Success @Improved Apps

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A Sample of Customer Reviews

With hundreds of implementations under our belt, here are just a few examples...

Bryon Gentry

Facilities, Grants & Technology /
Accelerated Schools

I have to tell you Improved NoticeBoard is really a wonderful app and I especially like how the Notices stay on the banner until they are acknowledged by the recipient. Your technical support is fantastic and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to assist me.

David Claiborne

Principle / Claico

Thank you so much for spending the time with me today to demonstrate Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard. Both products excite me, and I can't wait to show them to my clients.

Alvin Ayusa

Sr. Manager, Automation / Alteryx

Man, this tool is very powerful! Alteryx selected Improved Apps for Improved Help to drive adoption to new levels. They started with a small group of users (controlled release) to prove the value, then went org wide a couple of months later.

Jo Traquair

Independent Salesforce Consultant / Jetcloud

I'd strongly recommend this very easy to use application if you find yourself in the common situation of users saying they didn't see a key bit of information you sent them via email or Chatter. The best thing about this tool is that you can require users to click to confirm they have read the communication. Essential for tracking business-critical announcements.

Cliff Ings

Customer Resolution Manager / Parmalat Australia

A challenge we faced in our org was getting users to read time sensitive posts, and then acknowledge they read them. Noticeboard was very easy to get up and running and our people picked it up almost immediately. The pop up notification for our Service Cloud users has made such a positive difference.

Celeste Hollenbeck

Salesforce Administrator / VinSolutions

I worked with Simon Thompson during the process of gathering information and getting a quote for our company. Simon's customer service was Best-in-Class. When communicating through email, he always responded to my emails immediately and always offered additional support. Thank you Simon Thompson for your time and providing a wonderful experience for me and my team!

Ryan Bergstrom

System Administrator / Life Time Fitness

With our employee's inboxes overflowing, NoticeBoard provides an easy way to share important information across our company and ensure that it's read. NoticeBoard makes communication easy.

Bill Hare

Database/CRM Analyst / Mimio

I have to say that the concept behind this product is great and the product is as well. During the time I was evaluating Noticeboard I found it to be useful and easily configurable. I also could see how it would be extremely helpful to a company trying to make sure that important communications are read. Lastly, I got great support from the Noticeboard staff during evaluation.

James Anderson

Account Executive /

This was implemented by one of my key customers and was quick and intuitive. If you need to drive audited, compliance type communications through Salesforce, then this is your app. Better still it's 100% native so you can report on pretty much anything!

Ben Heppenstall

Corporate Communications Specialist. / Trinity Mirror

Step forward Improved Noticeboard App! This simple, but impressively powerful, app allows me and my teams to achieve this with remarkable success. It complements the fast-pace, collaboration but significant noise of Chatter superbly by providing an important channel for 'need to know' and top-down communications that businesses like ours, need 100% of teams to receive, and in many cases, acknowledge.

Simon Edwards

CRM & Marketing Automation Consultant / Color Consultancy

We've found the Noticeboard to be an excellent app to help us drive out central comms, which given our multi-office, multi-business set up has been imperative. The ability to require an acknowledgement for key information and monitor non-compliance is a major benefit and makes this app more effective for us in certain use cases than Chatter.

Todd Rose

Growth & Services Marketing Manager / Essilor of America

Our organization has been using this only a short time but we've found it to be a very intuitive tool that allows users to put the important information on 'top' of the email pile. If you want to increase your effectiveness in communicating with salesforce users, then this app is a must! The compliance & analytics will help you understand quickly who is receiving & acting on key information. Get out of your Inbox & get into NoticeBoard!

Mike Hemphill

Certified Salesforce Developer / Zurich NA

When you absolutely have to get the attention of a user in Salesforce and Chatter won't do, then it's time to look into Improved NoticeBoard. This slick slice of UI sits on top of the page just waiting to help business get things done! We looked at several different tools before selecting Improved NoticeBoard. For me, the best part, was how easy it was to write apex triggers to harness the power of notices for our own specific needs. And this tool is robust, it can get the job done even when bulkified DML statements were peaking governor limits. Those notices just keep coming. Great Tool! Nice Job! 5 STARS!!!

Phil Walton

Salesforce MVP / Phil Walton Consultancy

I had a demo and a play around with this App at Dreamforce. Simon and the team were very helpful and not too 'salesy', probably because they were confident that they have a great App which will sell itself. For a User, I know how frustrating it can be to click on 'Help for this page' and get System Admin help, or no help for custom fields/objects. Improved Apps helps with both these.

Jonathan Bainbridge

Sales Director / Make Positive

The Improved Apps team are a fantastic bunch, very knowledgable about the Salesforce platform and extremely supportive. Improved Help is a quick and simple solution to the issue of training materials and ramping reps on the ways of working within our deployment. Like. Now on Salesforce1...Wow!

Ulrika Grahn

Senior Global Operations Training Manager / QlikView

Having implemented Improved Help, I would like to share my experience of how powerful this tool is. It is quick and easy to learn and get up and running, we got lots of good hints and tips from Improved Apps that helped us along the way. We were able to roll out the first version of this to our global users after a couple of days brainstorming where we captured processes, definitions and best practices that we incorporated into the tool for the users.

Mark Sivill

Principle Sales Engineer /

A decent inline help system for salesforce thats also native. Love the way that customised branded help pages can be created directly in salesforce right next to the custom applications where it is needed. No more searching through out of date powerpoint / word user manuals, users can quickly find the answers directly within salesforce, a great productivity boost for users.

Simon Edwards

Marketing Director / Trinity Mirror

I have worked with the Improved Apps team on a number of projects and have always found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and generous in their time.

Simon McAlister

Senior Director, Global Sales & Alliances Operations / QlikView

Compelling but really really simple tool, very intuitive and very captivating.

Ulrika Grahn

Senior Global Operations Training Manager / QlikView

This helps new and experienced users with business and system changes and is a great complement to normal training. We will continue to enhance our implementation with more and more system help, and also looking forward to getting user feedback on the current material.

Alicia Walters

Global CRM Lead / Kerry Foods & Ingredients

We are currently underway in deploying Improved Apps in our org of 2,500+ users globally, and the service given to us by the Improved Apps Team is phenomenal. I'm based in the US and the Improved Apps team is in the UK, but I'd never know it because when I have a question, they have an answer. Our company operates in a single instance of Salesforce, there are a huge amount of customizations, and no process enablement knowledge readily available for users. Improved Apps and NoticeBoard will be a game changer for communicating important messages and releases, as well as putting the WOWs, company terminology and definitions, and toolkits in the hands of each and every user at the moment in which they need it. I'm so glad we found you guys...keep rocking the enhancements!!

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