A Typical Salesforce User Scenario When Seeking Help!

By Marcus Gilbert – Enterprise Sales Director @ Improved Apps


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And so the saga begins…

You urgently need ‘how do I do this?’ help, and you need it now!  There’s no-one near you to ask (the swivel-chair interrupt won’t work this time) and you have a ton of stuff to get through to meet your deadline.


You have an idea!!…Send a help request to your local salesforce.com support person.

Oh dear.. .You get your hopes up too soon…as an email response comes back to your already bulging in-box:


Typical support email

Well, fair enough, everyone deserves a holiday.  The problem is…How are you going to get the help you need now?


There’s always that one-hit on-boarding training manual you once flicked through, but it’s 3 years out-of-date, 250 pages long and experience has taught, you’ll almost certainly need to know what the answer is before you can find the right section.  Then when you finally find the right section, it’ll be a nightmare to read through all of the content and cipher though all the possible permutations.


You can feel your blood pressure starting to rise!…All you need to know, right now, is what to put in this specific field, for this specific activity and this specific prospect, whilst you’re in the page!!!  Grrrr!  The delay is costing you dearly.


Oh well, decision made – you’ll fill it in later (which most likely will mean never).


Have you encountered this as a user?

What you need is for your company to talk to Improved Apps. Their solutions enable organisations to provide help, intelligence and know-how where it’s needed – embedded in your Salesforce app, so users can get on with the job in hand.

…And let’s not forget with in-context ‘help’ placed at the point and time of need and available to users with a simple self-initiated click – in-house support can head off on their hols with a clear conscience for some well deserved guilt-free fun and frolics!…With Improved Apps everyone gets to be happy!


By Marcus Gilbert – Enterprise Sales Director @ Improved Apps