The Week that Was #33 – Through the Eyes of Improved Apps

A round up of things that the Improved Apps folk chat about over a cuppa coffee!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

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We’re a diverse bunch at Improved Apps and we enjoy sharing a story or two… our news… and views… over a cup of coffee or around the water cooler (and an occasional beer!)

So, we thought why not share a few of our newly discovered noteworthy news stories, fascinating facts, helpful hints, as well as the things that have made us smile or simply laugh out loud.

As our apps support the entire gamut of Salesforce users from sys admins to sales reps; from marketing managers to business analysts and from trainers to support staff, (and bearing in mind we’re all human), we hope that there is something of interest to everyone.

Happy reading!

My oh my how things have moved on!

Some may be surprised to learn that the concept of email did exist before the internet… I personally remember using PROFS to communicate in the late 80s and early 90s when I worked at IBM…I remember being introduced to the internet and my first ‘real’ email address in 1993… oh my things have changed!

I love this old recording from a TV show ‘Database’ back in the 80s…around this time I was mucking around as a child, without a computer anywhere in sight! Hope you enjoy the small video clip… very British!



Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success @ Improved Apps

Email management made easy

As the video above shows, things have progressed somewhat since the mid 80s..Email is now well and truly part of our everyday lives and can also be the bane of our lives too. This article ’10 secrets to help you defeat email’ provides some worthwhile tips to making email management workable and constructive:


We spend a worrying amount of time reading, answering and filing our emails: several hours a day is dedicated simply to clearing our inboxes. Or alternatively, we just give up, letting our unread messages counter tick up towards infinity, towards a point where it simply does not matter, as smug “Inbox Zero” colleagues show off their gleaming, empty, messages folder.

It’s also getting harder to deal with them. According to the Radicati Group, 215.3 billion emails will be sent a day in 2016, a 5 per cent increase on last year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. [read more]

At Improved Apps we reduce our use of email by using our own solution – Improved Noticeboard. Any critical messages are displayed on the live interactive scrolling banner that sits in the Salesforce page. When compliance is essential, it’s invaluable. You can rest assured the message will not go un-noticed and you can track who’s read it and acknowledged the communication. We love it and so do our customers.

Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps


Why you should talk to strangers

In the Ted Talk ‘Why you should talk to strangers’, Kio Stark explores the overlooked benefits of pushing past our default discomfort when it comes to strangers and embracing those fleeting but profoundly beautiful moments of genuine connection. She says, “When you talk to strangers, you’re making beautiful interruptions into the expected narrative of your daily life — and theirs.”

It’s well worth a watch.

Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps


AI…redefining the workings of Government

This post ‘How Cognitive Systems Could Redefine The Way Governments Work’ by Ernie Fernandez is an interesting read:


The next era of business is being defined by cognitive systems, or systems that can understand, reason, learn and interact.

They can understand unstructured information, such as images, videos, and human language, and unlock meaning because they can ingest huge volumes of this information, and reason through it to identify new contexts. [read more]

Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

If you want to find out more about our solutions Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard and how we’re driving Salesforce adoption, do get in touch.

Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps