The Week that Was #21 – Through the Eyes of Improved Apps

A round up of things that the Improved Apps folk chat about over a cuppa coffee!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

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We’re a diverse bunch at Improved Apps and we enjoy sharing a story or two… our news… and views… over a cup of coffee or around the water cooler (and an occasional beer!)

So, we thought why not share a few of our newly discovered noteworthy news stories, fascinating facts, helpful hints, as well as the things that have made us smile or simply laugh out loud.

As our apps support the entire gamut of Salesforce users from sys admins to sales reps; from marketing managers to business analysts and from trainers to support staff, (and bearing in mind we’re all human), we hope that there is something of interest to everyone.

Happy reading!


Talking the same language…

This article from the BBC News website byhumorously points out the importance of communicating effectively around the globe and the perils of auto-translation:


Imagine a far flung land where you can catch a ride from the Jackie Chan bus stop to a restaurant called Translate Server Error, and enjoy a hearty feast of children sandwiches and wife cake all washed down with some evil water.

If such a rich lunch gets stuck in your gnashers, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of Methodists on hand to remove your teeth.

And if by this point you’ve had enough of the bus, fly home in style on a wide-boiled aircraft. But whatever you do, please remember that when you land at the airport, eating the carpet is strictly prohibited.

No, I haven’t gone mad. These are all real-world examples of howlers by auto-translation software. [read more]


It is vital that we all talk the same language – even when we don’t. Skype recently added the capability to translate live conversations (with some embarrassing consequences in China) . In business it is just as important that we mean the same thing when we use the same words….common processes, common methods, common objectives but with regional languages and variations respected. Improved Apps allow you to use one common system – namely Salesforce – to reflect the differences in your regions and their markets.

Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

Heading to the skies

Well this weekend was one for the memories… Celebrating my father in-laws 70th birthday, we all headed off down to Rye for the weekend and spent Saturday at Headcorn Aerodrome to see a Spitfire close up and fly in a plane right next to it. The Spitfire was flown by Flt Lt Antony Parkinson MBE (no less), known as Parky.

Parky, joined the RAF at the age of 18. He became the first pilot to gain 1000 hours flying the Euro Fighter Typhoon. He has also flown over 1000 hours on the F4 Phantom and the Tornado F3 for which he was the display pilot in 2000 before joining the Red Arrows for the 2001 to 2004 seasons flying the Hawk. Parky also flew the F16 for 3 years with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and has over 6500 flying hours in total.

It was nice to meet Parky in person and we took loads of photos and video footage of the whole experience. Here’s one of the videos:



Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success @ Improved Apps

I’m trying my best… or am I?

This article ‘Effort’ by Seth Godin is an interesting read and makes you consider whether or not you’re really giving 110%!


What does it mean to ‘try your best’?

Or to put more effort into something than other organizations do?

We often talk about trying, about effort and 110%, but it’s mostly glib. The fact is, very few of us try our best, at the maximum, ever.

Usually, what we do is, “try our best under the circumstances.”

[read more]

The Juno Mission

The American space agency’s new Juno mission to Jupiter has returned its first imagery since going into orbit around the gas giant. But what goes into capturing those images? Here’s a video that gives some insight….



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Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps