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A round up of things that the Improved Apps folk chat about over a cuppa coffee!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

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We’re a diverse bunch at Improved Apps and we enjoy sharing a story or two… our news… and views… over a cup of coffee or around the water cooler (and an occasional beer!)

So, we thought why not share a few of our newly discovered noteworthy news stories, fascinating facts, helpful hints, as well as the things that have made us smile or simply laugh out loud.

As our apps support the entire gamut of Salesforce users from sys admins to sales reps; from marketing managers to business analysts and from trainers to support staff, (and bearing in mind we’re all human), we hope that there is something of interest to everyone.

Happy reading!


An Amazing VW Conversion

I’m biased but you’ve got to love this meeting room installed by Alteryx, one of our US customers….Check it out…



Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success @ Improved Apps

The Advancement of Social Technologies

The use of social technologies has advanced considerably from the issue-based chatter and apparently random observations of the engaged few….

This McKinsey report highlights the ways that leading organisations are now using social to change the way they work: The key phrases that jumped out at me  are “democratisation of strategy”, “crowdsourced innovation”, “develop competitive intelligence”.

Here’s a snippet from the report:


Leading companies have passed through three distinct phases of organizational usage. What should we learn from them?

Since the dawn of time the social-technology era, executives have recognized the potential of blogs, wikis, and social networks to strengthen lines of company communication and collaboration, and to invigorate knowledge sharing. Many leaders have understood that by harnessing the creativity and capabilities of internal and external stakeholders, they can boost organizational effectiveness and potentially improve strategic direction setting. But they have also found that spreading the use of these new technologies across the organization requires time to overcome cultural resistance and to absorb the lessons of early successes and failures. Social technologies, after all, raise new sensitivities, seeking to breach organizational walls and instill more collaborative mind-sets.

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Social is now about taking the knowledge, experience and ideas that exist within the stakeholder community and using that to inform and shape strategy…

Time to re-evaluate….

Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

What is a Salesforce Admin?

This article by Rebecca Saar provides a quick low-down on the role and the routes to become a Salesforce Admin, with some great links to interviews with Salesforce Admins explaining why they love what they do.


As Salesforce has grown exponentially over the years, the ecosystem we have created has become much bigger than Salesforce itself. We estimate that Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create 1 million jobs and generate $272 billion in GDP impact globally by 2018.

Through this growth within the ecosystem new careers have become possible. There are now business analysts, implementation consultants, developers and admins that have built their career on the Salesforce platform — and have been amazingly successful in the process.

While these positions have made lots of people from all walks of life successful, the positions are still relatively new within the traditional job market. And sometimes hard to explain to people outside of the space!

Looking at the Salesforce Admin role specifically, professionals are not only pioneering successful careers as Admins, they are redefining what it means to be an admin!

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The Sales Degree – An Un-common Object

This article ‘Why Many Schools Don’t Offer Degrees in Sales’ by AJ Agrawal presents a number of reasons why a sales degree has no place in the classroom….


Sales occupations will grow by 5 percent by 2024. Whenever you are looking to hire someone for your sales team, the chances are you look at the person’s education. You want to know what they’re made of. But rarely will you see anyone with an actual sales degree. Ask around the office and it’s highly unlikely that anyone will have any form of sales degree.

Stop one moment and ask yourself why this is the case. [read more]

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Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps