The Week that Was #2 – Through the Eyes of Improved Apps

A round up of things that the Improved Apps folk chat about over a cuppa coffee!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

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We’re a diverse bunch at Improved Apps and we enjoy sharing a story or two… our news… and views… over a cup of coffee or around the water cooler (and an occasional beer!)

So, we thought why not share a few of our newly discovered noteworthy news stories, fascinating facts, helpful hints, as well as the things that have made us smile or simply laugh out loud.

As our apps support the entire gamut of Salesforce users from sys admins to sales reps; from marketing managers to business analysts and from trainers to support staff, (and bearing in mind we’re all human), we hope that there is something of interest to everyone.

Happy reading!

Salesforce Stories

I thought the article ‘Salesforce Lightning Upgrade May Create Winners and Losers’ was an interesting read covering: ‘The recently announced Salesforce Lightning upgrade puts customers squarely at the forefront – but the move may leave some partners out in the cold….’  Check out the whole article here.

Improved Apps are seeing that this is impacting both customers and partners right now, and for the next release or two of customers are telling Improved Apps that Lightning is just not ready to support their customisations.

If partners do not launch Lightning-Ready applications and customers don’t rebuild their customisations/apps in Lightning, and still switch on Lightning, users will be forced to navigate in and out of Lightning to complete their day to day tasks, which is just not acceptable.

Improved Apps are well positioned to help customers through this MEGA transition as we have the ability to help enable their apps in a coherent way, where context and proximity of information is key. Our solutions and knowledge will help prepare customers on their journey to using the Lightning UI and beyond.

Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Take a break from the stresses of the modern world or just give your brain a break and feast your eyes on some awarding winning photos from the latest International Garden Photographer of the Year competition.  The images will take your breath away.

Words of Wisdom

I found these words by Seth Godin worthy of a mention from one of his latest posts.

”I”, “We” and “You”

One of the most profound ways to change your posture and the way you and your organization interact with customers and partners is to change your pronouns.

Instead of saying “I” when you’re ready to take credit, try “we.”

Instead of saying “we” when you’re avoiding responsibility, try “I.”

And, every time you’re tempted to depersonalize the impact of your actions, try “you,” while looking the impacted person in the eye.

Words matter.

Seth Godin

A Salesforce User Case

It’s always interesting to hear how and why Salesforce customers use the platform.  Here’s an enlightening article about how Doug Wotherspoon the Vice-President of International and Strategic Priorities at Algonquin College went about adopting several aspects of Salesforce, and dealt with the challenges he faced with limitations on budget and IT support.

In our experience at Improved Apps, educational establishments often have to achieve a speedy return on their investment and maximise Salesforce adoption with very limited resources.  Our solutions help tackle these issues allowing an organisation to support all their Salesforce users through the placement of help, training and essential content in the heart of Salesforce.

If you want to find out more about our solutions Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard and how we’re driving Salesforce adoption, do get in touch.


Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps