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A round up of things that the Improved Apps folk chat about over a cuppa coffee!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

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We’re a diverse bunch at Improved Apps and we enjoy sharing a story or two… our news… and views… over a cup of coffee or around the water cooler (and an occasional beer!)

So, we thought why not share a few of our newly discovered noteworthy news stories, fascinating facts, helpful hints, as well as the things that have made us smile or simply laugh out loud.

As our apps support the entire gamut of Salesforce users from sys admins to sales reps; from marketing managers to business analysts and from trainers to support staff, (and bearing in mind we’re all human), we hope that there is something of interest to everyone.

Happy reading!

10 little words that can make all the difference…

I always believe ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’ go a long way… ‘If’ you think about it, it’s amazing how few people think beyond themselves now-a-days; it’s a ‘fact’ that we’re all so busy. ‘You’, ‘could’ read this article and find it ‘useful’ in you’re everyday life ‘because’ ‘we’ all have a role to play ‘together’ in making this wonderful world a better place by respecting each other. Be ‘open’ and think of others before yourself.

The article is: ‘The 10 words you should use if you want to be more persuasive’ from Business Insider:


The words we use every day shape our realities, whether we realize it or not.

Our word choices can make a powerful impression on the people around us, whether they occur in a polite conversation at the grocery store or during a more formal exchange at a significant client meeting.

Different situations and different companions demand different levels of vocabulary and tone, but there are some words that hold power, no matter what the situation.

So, next time you’re pressing for something you want — whether it’s a salary increase or the last pineapple in the produce section — here are 10 words that can help you get it:

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Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success @ Improved Apps


What will those robots think of next?

Artificial Intelligence, Probability And Neural Networks Being Used To Predict Euro 2016 Winners:


…At the World Cup in 2010, Paul the Octopus became a celebrity by accurately predicting the results of every single game involving host country Germany, which went on to win the tournament. Paul’s method, though, wasn’t what most people would call “scientific.” Ahead of each game he was presented with two boxes of food, identical except that they were painted in the colors of the respective teams. Whichever box he ate from was deemed the winner.

Fast-forward six years, and the methods being deployed to predict the winner of Euro 2016 are somewhat more sophisticated. [read more]

Martin Little – CTO @ Improved Apps

Is Learning Redundant?


In the dystopian world of cyber-punk conjured up by William Gibson, everybody is hooked up to the net via implants. Knowledge is available instantly wherever you are and whenever you need it. When it was written this was just science fiction, but now it is science fact….we just don’t need the implants. You need to know something – just google it…need to find out where you are/what you are looking at/what song is playing/any fact you could ever want to know…..just ask the internet! Is there really any point in learning anything now… it not all about knowing what to do with information rather than remembering the information itself?

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Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps


The shifting sands of communication

This article from CRM Daily: ‘Texting, Online Chats Get a ‘Like’ at More Small Businesses’ is an interesting read:


Clients can text their lawyers to double-check hearing times. Potential customers may message a dog breeder to find out the due date of the next litter. More and more, people who want to get in touch with small businesses are using texts or online chats rather than emails or phone calls.

Company owners are responding in kind, communicating more on the fly and in short bursts. They’re finding that texting, online chatting and messaging help them get and give information faster and run their businesses more efficiently.

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Moving with the times and communicating with customers using their preferred channel or media is an absolute no brainer. But it’s also imperative to speed up internal communications and eradicate the bulging email inbox which so often blights sales and service teams. Who wants vital updates to get lost or ignored?..No one! A targeted communication tool that also ensures compliance is key to ensuring staff have the latest updates and key information when and where they need it, which in turn helps foster a flourishing relationship with customers.

If you use Salesforce, you should take a look at Improved Noticeboard and Improved Help – it could be the answer to your prayers. It’s all about the placing the right information, in the right place, at the right time, for the right person!

If you want to find out more about our solutions Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard and how we’re driving Salesforce adoption, do get in touch.


Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps