The Internet Of Things

Rise Of The Robots…Or Global Village?

By Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

Internet of Things


The newly released report on The Internet of Things (IoT) in the enterprise from OpenDNS identifies three principal areas of risk as we charge headlong towards increasing inter-connection and levels of connectivity.


  • IoT devices introduce new avenues for potential remote exploitation of enterprise networks

  • The infrastructure used to enable IoT devices is beyond both the user and IT’s control

  • IT’s often casual approach to IoT device management can leave devices unmonitored and un-patched

As with much that surrounds the internet, developments have been exponential and organic – the capability has preceded both monetisation and control. Also – what might start with the enterprise will quickly spread to individuals or vice versa.

We are in an area that science has also brought other disciplines to already: genetics, chemistry, physics have all arrived at a point where they are capable of doing things that could have such a massive impact on our lives that a pause for thought has been essential: Should we do something ‘just because we can’?

If we do move forward, how do we prevent harm or abuse?.. Who owns the data?..Who can access the data?..

Is privacy a thing of the past?.. How do prevent the data channels from being used to control things rather than report on them by criminals or terrorists?

More importantly, how do we make sure the IoT is a positive development for us all?…


Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps