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By Paul Field – C.O.O. @ Improved Apps

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 Working on the move or out in the field?  Make Salesforce1 Mobile work for you…


Business systems users have not been hard-wired into a local mainframe for many years now but at the same time the metaphorical chains that bind them to their systems have become stronger. The world is on the move in every sense, and it is imperative that our systems move with us – literally – so that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we can call upon the same support and information, or provide back to the enterprise the same updates and progressions that we could do if we were still sitting at a terminal hard-wired into the data processing world.


Our data has moved into the cloud; business people spend less and less time in an office, whilst the new generation of users has expectations and ways of working that are determined more by Google, Amazon and Twitter, than by SAP, Oracle and IBM.

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Effective knowledge transfer through Salesforce

By Paul Field – C.O.O @ Improved Apps

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 ‘The Infinite Sales Monkey Conundrum’ 

An infinite number of monkeys typing at random would eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare. One might therefore imagine that, with an infinite number of average salespeople, at least one of them could achieve business-enhancing, target-trashing, customer–pleasing sales.


Both of these statements would appear to be truisms, but beware: The odds of any given monkey reproducing Shakespeare’s works are the same as 25,000,000 consecutive flips of a coin all resulting in tails. The other slight problem is that “infinite” is a number beyond the budgetary reach of most companies in their sales hiring policies.


Given the general but unfortunate perception that salespeople (in the UK much more so than in the US) are somewhere below tax collectors, estate agents and parking attendants in a hierarchy of “people you would like to spend time with”, it’s amazing that they ever manage to sell anything.


Salespeople make a key contribution to customer loyalty

It may come as some surprise then that a recent CEB survey of 2500 customers across various industries and geographies, revealed that 53% of customer loyalty is attributable to satisfaction with the sales process, as well as the way they were dealt with by sales representatives. Salespeople do clearly play an important role in matching the solution that they’re selling to the buyer’s needs. Furthermore, the relationship that they build at a personal level generally serves to define and inform the relationship between their respective companies.

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