Buying behaviour is changing but the sales imperative remains – successful organisations are evolving sales management

The world of Selling is changing - fast

The ever-changing world of selling

Buying & selling behaviour is changing at an ever-increasing pace

  • Purchasing: Increasingly remote selling, webinars & calls, minimal face-to-face engagement
  • Selling: Today’s complex sales cycles and processes involve multiple stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Roles blurring: Inside sales and field sales role evolution
 Acquire, retain & grow customer revenues

A supercharged Sales Engine is needed

Supercharged engine

Greater speed, agility & context is essential for opportunity optimisation

  • Team: Increase sales capacity by reducing churn and skills ramp-up time
  • Focus: Assist with time-management and prioritisation
  • Methods: Instil effective account planning and value of using best-practice sales methodologies
  • Results: Improve opportunity management, forecasting and pipeline reliability
  • Salesforce adoption: Uplift its value from ‘sales administration’ to a ‘sell-more!’ must-have tool


Sales Performance Management is Evolving

Leaders Look Beyond

The best Sales leaders look beyond methodology & activity management

  • Simplify: Embed your best-practice methods to reduce complexity, increase win-rates and ease cross-sell/up-sell processes
  • Confidence: Ensure information such as competitor intelligence and industry/product collateral is always on hand
  • Growth: Reduce onboarding time and continuously educate experienced people
  • Tools: Evolve Salesforce from management ‘stick’ to preferred environment for personal success
  • Inclusion: Connect and gain leverage from all stakeholders – Teams, Partners and Customers
  A 5% improvement among the middle 60% of your sales force can deliver a 91% greater revenue impact than a 5% improvement among your top 20%… (Qvidian)

Continuous Enablement is Required

Information to Hand

Improved Apps can help you create an environment to maximise ongoing sales success

Keep key information to hand

  • Improved Help: Provides all team members with a user-centric ‘in-app coach’, with your choice of curated content, to simplify the basics of data-entry and set-piece activities – through planning, competitive intelligence, applied methodology and advanced hints & tips
  • Data-driven conditional content: As Improved Help is ‘aware’ of the user, page and record, Data-Driven Filters can focus in on appropriate content, to improve accuracy, efficiency and selling effectiveness, changing “Why should I do this?” to “How best do I achieve this?”, to “Ah, yes – that might work here.” – thereby improving confidence
  • User-driven conditional content: Help Domains enable the targeting of different groups of users, by experience-level, language – including Partners and Customers – to see alternative help and training content, for the same pages & fields

Share best-practice

Curated by Subject-Matter Experts: within the business, as Help Authors, who can easily create and edit Improved Help and training content within Salesforce, without needing System Administration rights

 Spread the winning methods from your 20% top performers with all players, to raise the game of the whole team

 Create Open access

  • Improved Help: Multiple-language support and localisation options
  • Salesforce1 Mobile users: Provide seamless access to the same curated, best-practice, rich-media help and self-learning content that a user sees on their desktop
  • Partner and Customers:Provide user-centric, rich media help and self-learning to Partners and/or Customers, with Improved Apps support for Salesforce Communities
 Engage stakeholders across languages and organisations

Keep the Team informed

Improved NoticeBoard: lifts ‘must-see / must act’ communications out of email & Chatter noise – for company announcements, pricing changes, Salesforce updates, new promotions, ‘SPIF’ (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) announcements… with full audit reporting!

 Provide critical, need-to-know information, compliance notices and changes, with a tilt towards “What’s in it for me?”

Build sales intelligence

  • Trap Feedback from end-users: as usage statistics and comments, votes and sentiment – to drive priorities for help and training content and processes, focusing on areas with most beneficial impact
  • Integrated analytics: enables the identification of winning behaviour, knowledge gaps and areas for self-improvement and training
 Enable continuous improvement by making management information and feedback easy to access and always in context

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