Customers are redefining service – leading organisations are evolving the role and benchmark

The connected customer is forcing a redefinition of Customer Service

Customers demand satisfaction

Customer expectations are high and increasing

  • Buyer’s market: Information-Savvy Customers Now Control the Marketplace
  • Service:
  • Always On: The Culture of Immediacy Drives Mobile-First Expectations
  • Customer Experience: Customers Still Value Human Connections in a Tech-Driven World

(Source: Salesforce State of Service 2017 / State of the Connected Customer 2016)

Fast, Personal Service Is Directly Linked to Customer Loyalty

Supercharged engine

Exceptional customer experience delivery involves every touch-point

  • Efficiency: Rapid resolution of the customer’s need is a minimum requirement
  • Human factor: “Customers still value human connections in a tech-driven world”
  • Service as Sales Channel: “Smarter use of customer information expands opportunities for sales”
  • Service as Marketing: …”service teams not only respond to customers’ requests but increasingly function as …brand ambassadors”
  • Self-Service: “60% of business buyers and 43% of consumers say it’s very important to receive in-app mobile support from the companies they do business with.”

(Source: Salesforce State of Service 2017 / State of the Connected Customer 2016)

 “Salesforce Service Cloud implementation can realise 45% improvement in customer retention” – if optimised (Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March 2015 – May 2015)

Service is leading the way for customer-centric organisations

Customer-centric service experience

The best Service leaders are looking beyond SLAs and metrics

  • Customer-centric: Joined-up experience, content and KPIs across the organisation
  • Simple & focused: Embed best-practice to reduce complexity, cycle times and callbacks/deflection rates
  • Consistent: Shared best practices for set-pieces with the whole team and out to service stakeholders, including customer and partners
  • Enabling: Differentiated content to community users to reduce escalation
 “Seventy-nine percent of service teams agree that a shared, single view of the customer empowers agents to provide consistency and continuity in every customer interaction.” (Source: Salesforce State of Service 2017 / State of the Connected Customer 2016)

A consistent, enabling experience is required

Successful woman fist-pumps

Create an environment to maximise ongoing service success

Enable users with in-app help and self-learning support

  • Improved Help: provides a user-centric ‘in-app coach’, delivering context-sensitive, rich media help and self-learning content
  • Data-driven: conditional content can focus on different scenarios

Keep everyone informed whilst maximising agent availability

  • Improved NoticeBoard: lifts ‘must-see / must act’ communications out of email & Chatter noise – for company announcements, service status alerts, Salesforce updates, announcements… with full audit reporting!

Include customers and partners

Native support for Communities and Classic Portal environments, with conditional visibility enable extended reach for compliant operations and monitoring to multiple groups beyond the enterprise.

Build service intelligence for continuous improvement

Inbuilt analytics and the use of Salesforce records for all operational data enables audit trails and integrated reporting across business operations and compliance functions.

 Realise Salesforce Service Cloud potential – Customer Retention: +45% Agent Productivity +47% Agent ramp time saving 45% Handling time saving 45% (Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March 2015 – May 2015)

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