Save time and money with your Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application – Help-enable it!

Solving your CPQ User challenges is easy to do once you’ve identified the problems with your current approach. At Improved Apps, we’re making it even easier by providing you the authoring tools that allow you to provide dynamic, embedded, help and training around your CPQ applications, to help solve the business challenges you face today.


Keep your employees up to speed with Product or Service related information

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The biggest challenge is helping your employees know how to sell your solutions

  • Ever changing Products or Services on offer: As your business evolves, your employees struggle to keep up with the pace of change
  • Selling: Today’s complex sales cycles and processes involve multiple stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Selling: How do your employees know how to position additional revenue opportunities?
 Your team leaves money on the table by missing complementary offers or up-sells

The Problem with traditional CPQ Help & Training

When the wheel comes off the sales engine...

Traditional ‘Bolt-on’ CPQ Help is remote and ALWAYS out of context

  • Current CPQ help systems do not anticipate users’ specific needs – and fail to deliver specific answers to them at the point of need
  • For remote help to make sense to the user, all the complexities and variability of their problem have to be replicated in the remote help system, with all the various scenarios, steps, screen-shots…
  • ‘Hooks’ into the CPQ help system are implemented either at too high a level – forcing the user to search – or at a detailed level that introduces additional maintenance challenges & costs

Users need to know part of the answer to use help!

  • Users have to know where to look, what keywords or terms they need for a useful search
  • Users have to sift through multiple search results – of differing formats, styles, tone of voice & document types – to decide what to investigate further to help with the task in hand
  Remote = Hard to Use & Costly to Maintain

These ‘bolt-on’ systems make it difficult – and costly – for Help Authors to maintain content and context, faced with ongoing change at people, processes and application levels.

Help-enable your CPQ with Improved Help

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Improved Help works with any native salesforce CPQ tool

Push critical information and content as close to the point of need as possible…Empower your CPQ users to help themselves… Read more…


Below are just a few examples of how Improved Help has changed the game by providing rich content at the right time, in the right place, for the right user

  • Apttus: Customers like Thomson Reuters have deployed Improved Help to provide context aware ‘Reading Lists’ and interactive Guides (Walk Throughs) to assist users at the point of need
  “The content is right where my users need it…I love it!” – Bill Mills – Learning Design, Dev, and Imp Tech Lead, Tax & Legal (USA)
  • Salesforce CPQ (SF CPQ): Formerly known as SteelBrick. SF CPQ is fast becoming the most popular choice of CPQ. Improved Help has assisted a number of SF CPQ customers. See the Qlik full story below…


Full Customer Story: Qlik deploys Salesforce CPQ with Qlik Help

Qlik Technologies, Inc. uses ‘Qlik Help’ to train their teams on Salesforce CPQ

The Challenge

  • Dated legacy tool
  • Lack of flexibility in quoting
  • Replacement of existing CPQ app
  • Minimal training resources
  • Global roll-out of CPQ

The Solution

  • Rich context aware Help & Training
  • 100,000+ quotes created
  • Simplified processes
  • Scalable platform
  • Better alignment


Qlik Help (Improved Help) provides context based, bite sized, learning and help through short videos and places this help and training as close to the point of need as possible.

Users were already familiar with Qlik Help, for the new CPQ rollout they included short video clips where they have new features and process changes. -They also included links to short Quick Guides, so users have a choice if they want to watch a video or download a short guide to read about the new process or feature.

Qlik Help has helped them reach out to people with context specific help on CPQ.


 Qlik reduced training costs by 50%

Qlik’s Results

  • Ability to meet the needs of the business and also support growth areas, all within a familiar environment—invaluable
  • Have generated over 100,000 quotes in Salesforce CPQ within first 8 months
  • Performance has been massive plus point, have the ability to complete a quote-centric sales cycle in a matter of minutes
  • Moving quote to Closed/One happens in real time


 Enable continuous improvement by making management information and feedback easy to access and always in context


  Qlik enjoy a 70% reduction in email based support requests since deploying Qlik Help (Improved Help)

Qlik Quotes

On Improved Apps

“You can’t ask for better service. The whole team at Improved Apps are extremely dedicated and helpful and focused on doing all they can to ensure you are successful with their products.”

Ulrika Grahn,  Senior Training Manager, Global Sales Ops

On Salesforce CPQ

“We now have a platform we can grow with and take advantage of capabilities we could only dream of.”

Simon McAllister, Senior Director, Global Sales & Alliances Operations, Qlik


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