Excluding Help from particular pages

Part of the power of Improved Help rests in the fact that it’s very easy to get your custom help and training resources onto your Salesforce pages: just by following our simple Quick Start Guide and adding the required sidebar components to the relevant page layouts, rich Improved Help materials become available in context throughout your Org.

There are times, however, when it might be desirable to define exceptions and prevent help from appearing on certain pages. Examples might include:

  • Simple pages, where Help might be an un-necessary distraction.
  • Rare occasions where Improved Help is incompatible with a particular Visualforce page or component.

In these cases, the following recipe can be used to make help generally available, but exclude it where required:

Create a “conditional hooking” script.

A script such as the one listed below can be used to prevent help from being added to particular pages. Copy the code below into a text file, set the “VFRoot” and “exclPageSignature” variables as required then save the file with a “.js” extension:

Upload the script as a static resource.

  • From Setup, select Develop | Static Resources.
  • Click New.
  • Give the resource a name and optional description of your choosing, then select the .js file created in the previous step.
  • Click Save.
  • The static resource record should include a “view” link: click this link.
  • The script should be opened in a new browser tab. Copy the URL of this script.

Create links components to reference the static resource.

  • In setup, click Customize | Home | Custom Links.
  • Click New.
  • Give the link a name and label of your choosing, plus a description if desired.
  • In the “Behaviour” drop down, select “Execute JavaScript”.
  • Ensure “Content Source” is set to “OnClick JavaScript”.
  • For the body of the link, enter the following:{!RequireScript(“[Static Resource URL]”)}

    … replacing “[Static Resource URL]” with the URL of the static resource obtained in the previous step.

  • Save the link.
  • In setup, click Customize | Home | Home Page Components.
  • Click New.
  • Select a “Links” type component. Ensure the name you choose begins with the text “Improved Help Links” (case sensitive).
  • Click Next and add the link created above.

Replace the standard help links component on the relevant layouts.

  • In setup, click Customize | Home | Home Page Layouts.
  • Edit the desired Layout.
  • Remove the standard “Improved Help Links” sidebar links component and replace it with the one created above.

Help should now appear as normal on all pages that use the selected Layout and feature the sidebar, EXCEPT for those that match the definition of pages to exclude as provided in the “exclPageSignature” variable in the uploaded script.

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